>Who Makes The Best Window?

>Who Makes The Best Window?


This hopefully is a simple answer producing question (but probably won’t be!), who makes the best window?

Take into account aesthetics, energy efficiency, product quality and cost. Leave your opinions as comments and vote on the poll on the right hand side.

My vote goes to WHS Halo and their Rustique profile.

The full list (and in no particular order!):

1. WHS Halo
2. Swish
3. Rehau
4. Eurocell
5. Plastmo
6. Profile 22
7. Synseal
8. Liniar
9. Spectus
10. Kommerling
11. Veka
12. Sash
13. Deceunink

If I have missed any off let me know!

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>Which ever one you are selling is the best looking and highest quality?

Double Glazing Blogger
Double Glazing Blogger

>Obviously. But I was just looking for some honest opinions from people out there. I know people are just going to vote for the profile they sell, but I was also hoping that people may be honest enough to recognise there are other good ones out there, and maybe voice their opinions on them?

Not many people who read this blog will stand in a neutral position lol.


>Oops – I voted for the one we sell. Sorry.

Another good post by the way. Why didn't I think of this poll??????

Double Glazing Blogger
Double Glazing Blogger

>Missed a trick with this one lol. Simple one really if you think about it, it's one of the most obvious things we think about in our industry.


>Fair enough,

But – the profile I sell which I believe to be the best is not on the Poll!

Also DGB, have you voted for a profile which you don't sell, or do you believe the one you offer your customers is the best?

Double Glazing Blogger
Double Glazing Blogger

>Alex – what profile do you sell and I'll get it up there. I think I've missed off a couple actually.

If anyone wants to vote for one that isn't there let me know and I'll make the changes.

PS – I have voted for the one I sell, but I can only vote once, I'll have to go on another PC to vote for another (if I think they are worthy of my vote!).


whs halo is the best easily, i dont sell windows just fit them. the quality of the profile and also its appearance is superior to any of the others you have listed, and i have fitted all of these previously. the company i fit for currently uses swish and it isnt close to the quality of the rustique


Hi there, where can I find the results of this poll? Also, did you ever run an updated one? Thanks, Gem

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