>Triple Glazing

>Triple Glazing


There seems to be a bit of confusion as to the make up of the new triple glazed units due to be brought to market. So I’ve found two images showing the two different set up’s that are being advertised. But the confusing factor here, is that the two images below are from WHS Halo, which system are they going to use?

Both systems claim to achieve a U-value of 0.7. But one of the obvious problems I can with the system housing the single pane of glass is condensation. Will that set up cause it?

Personally, the triple glazed one unit set up is the better option. Fitters still only have to glaze one unit, there’s no need for a second bead, and potential condensation shouldn’t be a problem.

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kenny Muir

>Got to be some sort of April fools , theres no way a single pane of glass sitting beside a dgu can count as triple glazing it just can't work , you would have to deglaze it every day to clean it. As far as the advanced group is concerned they have been using Spectus for a long time , i dont no anything about them using Halo.

Double Glazing Blogger
Double Glazing Blogger

>Take a look in the latest Windows Active magazine, page 19, it's there clear as day!

I'm with you on this one Kenny, I can't see this working. But it's even more confusing when Halo have got two versions advertised, which one one are they going to use? Surely it has to be the triple glazed whole unit?


>Hi Jason

I think Halo's idea for the single extra pane does have merit. It certainly takes away the issue of fitters carrying the extra weight of the units.

I don't see the problem with cleaning, but I'd worry about flies getting in, and the fitters would have to be careful cleaning the internal pane during fitting.


kenny muir

>Matthew , whats to stop condensation on the inside of the single pane , like a failed unit.


>Kenny – I'm no expert. In a psychometric test recently I scored 1/10 in the mechanical section. In other words, I'm not very technical.

However, I tend to trust those who know better on these matters, and I'm sure the technical bods at Halo have considered this. Surely it's a bit like secondary glazing and I'm not aware that has a massive problem with condensation.

Having said that, I think the other option is the way to go…


>As a Halo fabricator, I can say they are both possible. if using a dgu and a single pane the parting bead has desicant in it to keep condensation to a minimum. The main reason for it is so you can hand blinds in the cavity and not pay for the costly spanish ones. the downside to it is cleaning it before glazing.


>Triple-glazed windows have an extra panel of glass, which raises the price substantially. The cost is 20-40% higher than the ordinary double glazed windows. However, with that extra cost comes a variety of advantages that lead many homeowners to decide triple glazing is worth it.

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