Here’s the ‘I told you so’ moment!

As well as Tesco launching their own double glazing company, Homebase have now decided to enter the fray and have also launched their own double glazing service.

Having a very quick look through their online brochure, it looks relatively well set out, clear – easily explaining the order in which a customer can go about ordering their new windows. They make it clear which products are what and the brochure itself has a fresh and modern look to it. I was also particularly impressed with the price on the very back page. They quote £2900 including VAT for four casement windows and an entrance door. This to me is what four windows and a door should be being priced at, given the economic conditions right now.

So, both Homebase and Tesco look to be similarly priced, both with slick and professional sites (though Tesco’s is more in-depth, but given time I’m sure Homebase will expand their site also), so look set to go head to head once the Green Deal is implemented in just eleven months time.

If you’re involved in any way with these two giants of the commercial world, this is probably good news, especially if you’re the companies supplying the windows and doors to them. However if you’re one of the 14,000+ specialist double glazing companies in the UK hoping to get a slice of the Green Deal pie when it’s put in place, it’s probably just become a little harder to make the most of it. The whole reason why these companies, which have never ever sold windows before until now, are now selling them know that once the Green Deal starts, there’s probably going to be a pretty sizable boost coming to the double glazing industry and they want to make the most of it. Problem is, most of us will most likely be shoved out of the way in the mean time.

Message to the GGF: don’t let the commercial juggernauts swallow up what could be a potential big boost for the genuine double glazing community.

Homebase, according to their website, claim to be FENSA accredited installers. Though it’s more than likely that they will be using a home improvements company, like Tesco use AJWD, to install the windows on their behalf.

As I get to know more details about this I will post them on here! 

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