Day three of the 2017 FIT Show has come to an end, and it leaves us with a very long list of topics that the industry will need to tackle over the coming years. I’ll cover these issues in depth in further posts, there’s plenty of them. But here is my quick review of the thirds day of the FIT Show.

A sleepy end on another hot day

Thursday was the day after the Gala Dinner, and there was plenty of red eyes and sleepy faces for many those exhibiting and on stand on Thursday. As expected, this was the slowest day in terms of footfall, and it was clear to see in the foyer and the halls. A lot of the day trippers appear to have come on either the Tuesday or the Wednesday. There was a smattering of guests in the morning on Thursday, but after lunch time it was reduced to hungover exhibitors finally leaving their own stands to go round a take a look at the others.

It did get me thinking that perhaps the Gala Dinner should be moved to the Thursday night. For those bringing guests to the show on a Thursday, to see many hungover and tired can be a bit of a let down. At the next one it might be an idea to move it to the Thursday, hire the halls until Friday and get exhibitors to get teams in to pack down that day.

Security ongoing

Due to the tragedy in Manchester at the start of the week, there was still a significant security presence throughout the NEC. Airport style armed police were still patrolling the arenas, sniffer dogs roamed the halls and bags were checked as people entered.

Throughout the three days, I could not help but feel a sombre sense. An odd atmosphere across the whole show. I wasn’t sure whether it was because it was in a much bigger venue, or the atrocity in Manchester was still on the minds and mouths of those in attendance and exhibiting. It might have been both.

DGB Business

Stand of the day

I was happy to have a catch up with Mark Schlotel, formerly of Synseal, now at Victorian Sliders. He was telling me his plans for the company since his arrival, the success he was having on both the Victorian and Sash Hardware stands. Mark is a genuine, down to earth guy and it’s always great to talk to him.

I have picked the Victorian and Sash stands as my stands of the day as their design, layout and graphics used really stood out from many others. There were 250+ exhibitors at the FIT Show this year, so to stand out from that many was a difficult task. But I think these stands did that job, and they were plenty busy throughout the three days too.

Full review

Early next week I shall be publishing my full review of the 2017 FIT Show, going into greater detail about the stands, organisation, themes and all other aspects of the exhibition. Most likely on the Tuesday as it is Bank Holiday Monday. I shall also be catching up on the first episode of White Gold which aired on Wednesday at 10pm. I have heard good things about it so far, but I will reserve judgement until I watch it myself.

These past three days have thrown up a plethora of talking points and topics which will give me plenty of writing to produce over the coming weeks and months. It’s going to be a very busy period for DGB!

A big well done to the venue, event organisers and exhibitors for making the 2017 FIT Show a successful one at a brand new venue. Here’s to the next one.

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