White Gold, a BBC comedy series set in the early 80’s around a double glazing showroom and it’s “typical” sales reps, is due to air at 10pm this coming Wednesday, right bang in the middle of this year’s FIT Show. What better timing to launch an industry-focused TV series during the biggest industry exhibition?

A second trailer for the series has been released:

I think the second trailer shows more clearly how this series is going to portray our industry. Sleaze, sex, money and exploitation, unfortunately all traits that have long tainted our industry.

However, there is a strong cast, all actors already have distinguished CVs and will hopefully do justice to what I hope is a well written script. Written by Damon Beezley, former GGP editor, I am hoping for accuracy in the industry’s representation.

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Weekly reviews

As uncomfortable as it might be to watch, I will indeed be watching all six episodes in this series, and will be posting my own review of each episode each week.

I was watching Sunday Brunch yesterday and they had one of the actors on to talk about the show. There are already rumours about a second series and possibly something for the big screen should it be successful enough. Lets wait and see how this one goes. But judging by some of the critic responses, and the quality of the two trailers already aired, this should go down pretty well.

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