I Want To Do More Product Reviews

I Want To Do More Product Reviews

Like any good industry website/media outlet, it should contain articles and posts which review products. Occasionally I get to do this, be it something we decide to sell here at our family installations business. Sometimes I get to do it when a sponsor sends me an article to publish or they give me material so I can review a product for them.

But, I haven’t done this as much as I should in my 8+ years in writing DGB. My most recent one was the review of Door-Stop’s new solid timber core composite door offering. You can read that one here.

Well, moving forwards, I want to change that, and for that, I may need your help.

DGB needs you!

I don’t have the luxury of just up and leaving my desk to go and wander every single window and door factory in the industry in this country. I have a business to run here and home owners to see.

So, I am asking those of you who produce products for the UK fenestration industry to give me a hand. And, if you do, there’s the chance of having your product featured on DGB.

If I am to up my product review game, I am going to need some of you to send me samples of your product, or at least the marketing material for it, to me so I can review it. I would love to be able to come and tour all your factories, but I simply don’t have the time. If you decide you want to send me something, then you have the opportunity to be featured on DGB. Nothing better than a bit of free publicity!

There is a catch however, if this is how you decide to see it, it will be an honest review. That means just because you send me something it doesn’t mean I’m obliged to gush over it on DGB. No. I plan to write an honest review of your product. If I like something about it, I will say I like it. Where credit is due, it will be duly given. On the flip side, if I see something lacking, something I don’t like, a trick that has been missed, I’ll say so.

I believe stuff like this needs to be honest, and it’s something YouTubers do in the tech scene very well. I am a particular fan of channels like The Verge, MKBHD, TechnoBuffalo and so on. They review products in the technology industry in an honest an open way. Companies send them their products to test and review, knowing they could be criticised, and those YouTubers and editors post their reviews and findings online. These channels have millions of subscribers and millions of views per video. I’m not saying I want to emulate them, but to at least write and publish in the same vein.

DGB Features

Builder a bigger platform

I don’t know if any of you will take up the chance to let me review your products. It would be nice if you would. If you do, then I would like to think that over the coming months I could build up quite a library of product reviews.

From there, I plan to build a bigger platform on DGB aimed directly at fenestration products. It would be held within the wider DGB website, but would feature prominently on the site. A lot of installers read DGB, I can’t help but think this would become a useful resource for installers who are new to the industry, or are perhaps thinking of diversifying and want to read a personal opinion on a product.

Not only that, an increasing amount of home owners are finding their way to DGB, and I am finding I am getting more and more emails asking for my own personal opinions on products. Well, a resource like this would help them.

I wouldn’t just reserve this for products in the physical form, I would extended it to product services. For example, I am writing a review of the Excellence As Standard scheme launched by Epwin. Not a physical product, but a grouped package of services aimed at installers and fabricators. I was given a full demo of the site and service at the FIT Show, and was able to form a more rounded opinion of it so I could write a full and informed review.

So, if you fancy having your product put under the DGB microscope and published on this site, please get in touch and I’ll explain more as to how it works and what you can expect. You can get hold of me via email: [email protected] or on Twitter: @glazingblogger. Speak soon!

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Kevin Ahern
Kevin Ahern

How about a review of the WER scheme DGB? I’ll send you the info you and you could review it and tell us whether YOU believe it is an open, honest, consumer friendly way to accurately assess a windows’ energy performance , or whether you think its a hard nosed, deliberately scurrilous, corrupt and cynical method of disguising a windows’ energy performance, no pressure ! I realise many never had much interest in my evaluation of the WER scheme , but maybe with the recent revelations from the ex-presidents it might add some spice, what with Alan apparently questioning the… Read more »

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