NFA Voting Deadline To Be Extended By One Day

NFA Voting Deadline To Be Extended By One Day

This article was originally published on the National Fenestration Awards website

In the spirit of Cyber Monday, we’re giving you all something for free. Specifically, one extra day to vote in the 2017 National Fenestration Awards campaign!

As you may know, the original date for the closing of the voting was 11pm this Thursday, the 30th of November. Well, we’re in the festive spirit and want to give away something as it’s Cyber Monday, so we’re extending the voting for one more day, and will close the voting at 10pm on Friday the 1st of December.

We’re having a record voting phase in this campaign. More votes than any other campaign have been cast at this stage. Our dropping of the requirement to be signed in to the NFA website has been designed to make the voting process faster and easier for users, and will be something we adopt in future campaigns.

Winners Week remains the same, starting on Monday 4th December. Each day up until Thursday we shall be announcing a group of winners, something we did last year which became a massive success. The end of Year Wall of Winners competition also remains the same, starting Monday 4th December and running until Sunday 17th December.

We would also like to say in advance that between the vote ending and Winners Week beginning, we shall be announcing our plans for #NFA18. After a big evaluation of the awards this year, and ideas on how to move the National Fenestration Awards further forwards, what we plan to announce will expand the reach and purpose of the NFAs much more beyond just awards. This will be a statement which shows our intent to build massively on an already successful platform.

So, if you haven’t already voted, the good news is that you now have one extra day in which to do so.

Good luck to everyone taking part!

Go vote here: http://www.fenestrationawards.co.uk/2017-categories/

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