Pilkington Have Announced New Textured Glass Designs After Over A Decade

Pilkington Have Announced New Textured Glass Designs After Over A Decade

The timings of these things can be funny sometimes, as we were just talking about this in the office, about how we don’t seem to have had any new textured glass designs from any of the main manufacturers for quite a while. Then, Pilkington go and launch two brand new ones. Here they are:



I actually quite like them. They are bold both of them. Nothing neutral or “vanilla” about them in the slightest. But then again designs like Stippolyte and Contora cover the plain and simple side of things. Ideal for bevelled units or units with integral blinds in them.

It’s been a while since we had a batch of new textured glass designs to choose from. I was told on Twitter that it may have been back in 2004 when we had the last lot. So it has been 13 years since we had some new ones. That being said, obscure and textured glass isn’t one of those areas of fenestration that really needs constantly updating. They serve a function within a small number of windows within each residential installation. Not every window in the house needs textured glass, so for most home owners it forms only a small part of the focus.

That being said, it is always nice to have a wide, varied selection of designs to choose from, and with these new ones it gets a little bigger and a bit more refreshed.

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How textured glass designs come to life

Ever wondered how textured glass gets from to design to production? Pilkington have put together a video demonstrating the design process. It’s a very good quality video, almost relaxing to watch and listen to:

A video like that demonstrates the skill, and the vanishing nature, of engravers. As the guys mentioned in the video, not much is made by hand these days, so it’s nice to watch a video like this to see how a concept makes it to design and then production.

What are your thoughts on these new textured glass designs? Like them? Hate them? Think they’ll be a bugger to line up when you’re fitting it? Leave you comments below.

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