Massive news in the UK and international door sector as it’s announced that Masonite, one of the largest door companies in the world, has acquired the whole of the DW3 Products Group.

Solidor communication

This is the announcement that has been sent out from Solidor:

This is clearly massive news and will come as a surprise to many in the industry who were not aware of any such deal happening. Of course the other interesting aspect of this is that sector competitors Door-Stop are also part of this mega group of companies.

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This deal is going to create shock waves in the UK window and door market for quite a while. Masonite are known for their acquisition of door companies, and with DW3 they get Solidor and Nicedor. As part of the deal they also get Residence Collection and Window Widgets, two companies that will be new to Masonite in terms of their type and market.

There is a ton of analysing and picking apart of this news for me to do, and no doubt there will be posts on DGB about this massive news in the days to come. In the meantime, I wish Masonite well on their acquisition. I want to wish every at DW3, as well as Solidor, Nicedor, Residence Collection and Window Widgets the very best in what is an exciting and eye opening new venture.

Could we have seen 2018’s biggest acquisition deal, so early on in the year?

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