This is a sponsored article by QANW

QANW is now fully online with the introduction of their new online application form for Competent Person Scheme members looking for an insurance backed guarantee provider. This means that all of the services offered by QANW from membership application through to job registration and policy delivery to homeowners is fully digital!

Barrie Smith-Wright, Group Director of Sales says: “At QANW consumer protection is at the heart of everything we do, so making the process of applying for membership to provide vital consumer protection, such as an insurance backed guarantee, easier and quicker for the industry is something that we thought was important.

The process of going fully digital started a few years ago when we launched our improved members’ area, which allows members to have complete control over their account with us. Last year we took a further step and launched the App for our members which lets them manage their account on the go. The App gives members access to their account to add, edit and sign off jobs anywhere at any time meaning after a long day they don’t have to worry about catching up on admin it can be done there and then at the job.

Everything you do is online now so that’s why it was important to us to take the final step into being a fully digital provider and make our application process available online! A common problem we are aware of is that contractors don’t have a sample Guarantee to provide to us, so to make the process slicker, sample Guarantees which contractors can adopt are available within the online application area.

We hope that this is not only easier for contractors looking to join but also should make the process quicker as they will no longer need to wait on a paper application being posted out- and we’re saving the trees in the process, so everyone is a winner in our eyes.”

Contractors looking to join QANW can now take full advantage of the online application form by visiting to get started.

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