You may well have seen Tuesday evening that a new service was added to the DGB website: DGB Products.

A little while ago I wrote that I was in the process of putting together some new additional services to expand the site and the services DGB provides to the window and door industry. DGB Products was one of them.

You can find the new service here:

About DGB Products

The aim of this new service is to publish news of new products coming to the fenestration industry. If you have already had a peek you’ll see there are two posts there. Obviously DGB Products has only just started and currently has two posts there right now. Over time this will become more and more populated.

DGB Products is open to all companies in the UK fenestration sector. If you have a brand new product that is about to launch and would like to see it published on DGB Products please email: [email protected] with your press release and images and it will be uploaded to that page. The post will then be circulated on all major DGB social media channels; Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. As with all posts that are published on DGB, they will automatically be included on the weekly DGB email that goes out every Wednesday morning.

As with other new service added to DGB in recent times I hope that over time this will take root and grow to become a useful part of the website for readers. With more and more home owners finding their way here, there is also some mileage in publishing new product news as some may be in the market for new windows and doors and might be curious as to whether these new products fit their needs.

DGB Jobs update

One of the most successful services has to be DGB Jobs. There have now been 206 vacancies published on that part of the site since it’s launch. Far more than I thought I would get. I’m not sure how that compares to other job sections on other industry media sites but I’m pretty happy with that.

I plan to expand the service further and add a CV area to it. That was a suggestion by a follower on Twitter a while ago and after further pondering think it might be worth it. I will create a section within the main DGB Jobs page for people who are looking for a change in fenestration career for people to upload their CV’s. They will then be presented in post form, as job vacancies do, for companies to then browse through. I hope that it will be as successful as DGB Jobs is.

I expect that to be ready in time for the New Year if not before, depending on my time constraints.

Hopefully DGB Products becomes a useful read to you all, and please feel free to use the service if you have something new to show off!

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