Every now and again I have a bit of a spring clean on this website to try and keep things fresh. I have been busy the last day or two adding a few key features that I hope you all will find useful. Here’s a quick run down of what I’ve been doing on here.

Search and DGB Jobs

I have updated the search function on this site in two areas. First is the general search that can be found in the top right on the main menu. It’s now a live search that pulls posts and pages once 4 or more characters have been typed into the box. It’s a brilliant way to find and jump to particular posts that you want to look back on but are too old to be on the home page.

I have also added a search function within the DGB Jobs dashboard. That service has grown to quickly become one of the most populated parts of the site and has become heavy with job posts. So, I have reduced the number of vacancies initially displayed when you land on the home page, with pagination to find more. But, there is the same search bar at the top of the page where you can now seek particular job vacancies by typing in generic terms such as “fabricator” or “installer”.

Suggestion box

On my home page, above the big Blue subscription area, I have added something I have called my Suggestion box. This is an area in which you can suggest topics of posts and articles that you would like to see me cover on DGB. I have my own list of ideas of course, but you guys know more about what you actually want to read more than I do. This is why I have set this little area up. A first for an industry media site as far as I know.

Hopefully you will find this new feature useful and help me cover even more of what you guys want to read on DGB.

DGB Brexit

Future posts

I am running a little behind on particular posts that I do on a regular basis. For example my monthly reviews. Instead of doing individual February and March reviews, I shall combine them into a full Q1 review in the coming days.

I will soon be looking at triple glazing once again and ask the question as to whether it’s time has now been and gone. Spoiler alert, there will be a poll! I’ll be looking ahead to the FIT Show as it edges closer and closer each week. I will try and make sense of the current Brexit situation and what it means for our industry, although by the time I get to write that it might have all changed again!

I was also kindly taken to Belgium by Deceuninck to take a close look at their recycling, compounding and extrusion facilities and I will be doing a big special feature on that visit as it highlighted some major points not only about Deceuninck but also about the future of our industry as well.

New advertisers

I am happy to say that I have been able to welcome MRA Marketing, Freefoam and Camden Group to the DGB family as new advertisers. You may have already seen their content popping up on here in the past couple of weeks.

Over the next few weeks I will be looking to fill the remaining slots on here. So if you’re looking to boost your online marketing click here to find out more about what slots are available and what options are open.

New ideas

Once we get into May (I’m moving house and the NFA Winners Event is coming up) I will have a bit more time to then work on some new ideas that I want to start to implement. There is a part of the site partly constructed that aims to focus on the sustainability of the industry. There is also something I wish to trial sooner rather than later which could see the site’s reach become far, far bigger. But that particular idea will take some time to construct and then implement.

Plenty to do, not enough time in the day to get it all done!

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