Flush windows are very much the hot thing right now. So hot in fact, that research done by MRA Research reported by Timberweld® has said that nearly half of fabricators expect to see flush-sash windows as becoming as important as standard casement windows in ten years. You can read that report here.

Indeed at our place, this year we have already sold more flush windows than the whole of last year. Home owners are knowledgeable about the product when they come into the showroom, and are asking more for it.

So last week I posted a poll on Twitter asking people whether they preferred their flush windows to have a traditional PVCu weld or a timber-look joint. This is the progress so far.

The question

Here’s the question I posed:

If you wouldn’t mind, whilst you’re already here and if you haven’t done so already, give that poll a click for me!

As you can see, so far there is a very clear lead for timber-look joints. My own personal preference is also timber-look joints. The whole point of a flush-sash window is that it’s designed to replicate timber windows. So why stop at a typical PVCu weld when you can add that small but very important finishing touch to the sash?

Yes it costs more than a normal weld, but the trade-off is that it looks so much better. Now, this isn’t a debate today about whether flush sash windows should be mechanically jointed or just have a timber-look joint. That is a whole other area that I have recently seen played out on Twitter and that needs a much longer post to be able to deal with that particular matter.

What I’m simply looking at here is the tussle between a normal weld versus a timber-look joint.

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The wider trend

What this question does is to give us an answer to help form a wider narrative that is currently being written in the world of PVCu and that is whether the traditional PVCu window is on the way out.

The flush sash window is part of an evolution of this area of the market, where wood grains, foils, bespoke colours, varied hardware suites have all transformed what both we as an industry and the home owner think is possible from a PVCu window. In a previous post I mused that the days of the standard PVCu are numbered as we all get on board with new products and technologies that are allowing us to sell something to the home owner that is radically different.

In ten years I fully expect that flush sash windows will be making up at least half of all sales of residential PVCu windows, perhaps even more. Although some expressed doubts that home builders would ever ditch the standard PVCu window, I think in ten years time we are going to be seeing a lot of new developments that have adopted the flush sash window. I’m not saying they’re going to go for the highest end option, unless they’re a specialist builder, but at least a low to mid-range flush sash window which improves the overall look of their homes.

When this poll ends in a few days I’ll do a brief follow-up post to report on the results. So if as many of you could take the time to click an option above that would be most welcome!

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