I’ve done it. I’ve finally given in and decided to create a DGB Instagram account. There is much I don’t like about social media, and the insane vanity it has brought to the world. But, I have been told that there is a rather large glazing industry community on there, so it seems foolish to be missing out on this community.

What I’m using it for

Before I explain why I’m now on there, you can follow me on Instagram if you really like right here: https://www.instagram.com/glazingblogger/

I often moan about Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and others for the insane level of vanity and narcissism it has brought to the world. There is nothing more cringeworthy to me than watching people in public posing whilst they get their partners to take photos of them in clearly staged budget photoshoots. I have seen it far too often on nights out. More time spent in screens that actually socialising.

So, you’ll be glad to know that the DGB Instagram account will not be populated by photos of what I’m eating, awful “inspirational” quotes, duck-face selfies. What I am using it for is to be able to reach a new glazing industry community that I have previously not explored. As it turns out, there’s quite a lot of you on there. So I now feel rather daft in not looking at this sooner. But there you go.

What I will also be trying to do with it is to show a bit more of human side to what I do with DGB. So maybe some behind the scenes stuff, not that there’s much of a scene to be behind. It’s mostly just me and a laptop. I don’t want it to become a bot-like procession of posts asking people to click a link each time there is something new going up on DGB. Nor will I be posting my sponsored stuff on there immediately. That will come in time, so be warned. But I want to get used to using a new platform before I start putting sponsored content on there.

I’ll try and keep it light hearted and relevant to those who follow me. I appreciate that Instagram isn’t like Linkedin, where people get a bit stuffy if non-business content starts getting posted on there. So it won’t be ultra-glazing heavy and nothing else. I try and do that on Twitter, where I’ll tweet about certain things that aren’t always fenestration sector related. There will be a balance to strike.


Big community

What I have noticed is that there is a huge glazing industry community on there. Because I’m not really a personal fan of Instagram, I had never really bothered to look into the size of the industry community on there. Turns out it’s massive.

Now I’ve joined I am scrolling through very long lists of people and companies directly related to the window and door sector. There are thousands on there. So, over the next few weeks I will be building up by following list, in the hope that a few of you might follow me back! I’ll have to do it gradually though. Like Twitter, if you start following too many from the start then Instagram thinks you’re spam and puts a stop on you following more accounts for a while. So in the meantime, please feel free to hit the follow button, I’ll follow you back once I can!

There’s no denying it, I am hoping to increase DGB’s exposure by using Instagram. I have built something I am proud of here, and I’m not stopping. So all being well I can build a useful following on Instagram that followers will hopefully find useful and beneficial to their timelines, and I will hopefully get a few of you on there to click a link or two.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be exploring the community on there and finding out how many industry people and companies are using Instagram. I promise I’ll be as engaging as possible on there, and I promise no duck-face selfies!

Find me on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/glazingblogger/

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