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Been seen by more of the industry on DGB


Total 2017 Unique Visitors:


Average per day: 329

Average per week: 2312

Average per month: 10,019


Total 2017 Visitors:


Average per day: 506

Average per week: 3553

Average per month: 15,396


Total 2017 Page Views:


Average per day: 657

Average per week: 4615

Average per month: 19,999

DGB has grown significantly over the past 9 years, and according to research by Window Ware of over 3000 companies, it is one of the most viewed websites in the double glazing industry in the UK. The stats above demonstrate the strength of readership of this site.

This website has grown strongly every year, and continues to grow as more and more of the industry gets to know about the site. This means as a potential advertiser, your branding and your content is going to be seen by a constantly growing readership base that is the second largest already.

Adverts click rates are currently running at over 670 clicks per week. Unlike print publications, online advertising can be monitored at both ends, meaning you know if your advert and content is working for you.

If you are looking to increase your brand awareness effectively and want to increase your online presence, then this might be the ideal option for you. Please see below to view which advertising positions are available. To find out rates, please contact me to obtain the password to my rates page. There you can choose which of the various options might suit you and your company best.

Positions available

Colour Specialists

Spacer Bar Manufacturer

PVCu Fabricator

Composite Doors

Online Media/Mag

Machinery Company

Online Marketing + PR

PVC Systems Company

Aluminium Sysco

Aluminium Fabricator


IGU Manufacturer

Hardware Supplier

Transport Solutions

Arching Company

Timber Fabricator

Industry body

Self-Certification Body

Panel Doors

IBG Supplier

Steel fabricator

Racking / Storage solutions

Glass Systems Company

Weekly DGB Email (4 slots)

Lead Generator

Recruitment Agency


Reinforcement Supplier

Trade Counter Business

Green tick = position available

Red cross = position taken

download dgb advertising rates pdf

NB: advertising positions are first come, first served. Should an existing advert elapse without prompt guidance on renewal, that slot will become available for other interested parties. Services include press release publication, not bespoke content creation.


Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @glazingblogger

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