More Hints Dropped As Garnalex Announces Ambassador Workshops

As we watch the creation of a new systems company giant in front of our very eyes, a new press release from Garnalex has revealed a few hints as to the direction of the company and it's future plans. The press release Before I apply a bit of analysis, this is the latest release [...]

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170+ Ton Press Marks Next Stage Of Garnalex Development

The industry's eyes are on Garnalex and Roger Hartshorn as a new aluminium systems company and extruder takes shape right in front of us. At the end of the July, they announced that they had finished the installation of a monster, police-escorted aluminium press. Here's the article they recently released... Garnalex aluminium press installed [...]

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Letter To The Editor: Roger Hartshorn – Why I’ve Fallen For Aluminium

This is a Letter to the Editor article by Garnalex CEO Roger Hartshorn Dear DGB, After a lifetime in PVC-U, people wonder why I’ve fallen for Aluminium. I just love aluminium, its possibilities and its sustainability. And I’m knocked out that about 75% of all the aluminium ever produced is still in use! For [...]

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Who Are Garnalex?

Looks like we’re going to be hearing a lot more about a new company called Garnalex during the rest of 2019. Their website isn’t fully functioning yet, and their products are still in development. But there are some things we do know already. A company with a high achieving founder Garnalex is a new [...]

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Aluminium Prices Fall Back, Is The Panic Over?

Remember not so long ago, when Donald Trump was handing out sanctions left right and centre? It was the sanctions on Russian companies, specifically the ones that make aluminium that caused a particularly worrisome spike in the cost of the industrial commodity. Something that had the aluminium window and door industry feeling rather uneasy [...]

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There’s A New Aluminium Sliding Door Company, Viiu

This really is the age of aluminium and sliding patio doors. Who would have thought that about five years ago? Well it really is. And a good sign of the strength in a sector is when a brand new company and product is announced. This is what we have with Viiu. So, what do [...]

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It Could Be A Volatile Time For The Aluminium Window And Door Sector

Ever wondered if the world of politics and sanctions could ever have real-time effects on the window and door industry? Well, yes they can. This is a story about President Trump, tariffs, and a Russian aluminium company called Rusal. Trump tariffs You cannot have missed the recent talk about a trade war between America [...]

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Are Origin About To Shake Up Window Fabrication With YLTNO?

YLTNO stands for: Your Lead Time, Not Ours. It was a manufacturing principle introduced by one of the industry's well known aluminium manufacturers, Origin. At first they applied this principle to their bi-folding doors business back in 2011. This was the press release at the time: UK-based sliding folding door manufacturer Origin has become [...]

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Aluminium Could Really Threaten PVCu Residential Dominance

There was no doubting that the aluminium representation was the largest in the history of the FIT Show. In the exhibitions since it's launch, the 2017 show had the most aluminium syscos and fabricators exhibiting new and existing products. A sign of the times. It's worth mentioning though that there is room to grow [...]

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Why Has Residential Aluminium Made Such A Strong Comeback?

If there was an award for the strongest fenestration sector comeback over the past five to ten years then it would most certainly go to the residential aluminium sector. It has had, and is still undergoing, a renaissance that is performing like no other sector. Long gone are the days of timber outer frames [...]

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The One New Product To Start Selling In 2017 Is Aluminium

It's nearly the end of the year, and some companies will start to look at tweaking things for 2017. One of things will be expanding their product portfolios, both for installers and fabricators. If so, then I would suggest that aluminium is at the top of the list. The industry is going through a [...]

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All PVCu Fabricators Should Probably Add An Aluminium System

If there was a word to describe our industry over the past five years it would be "diversity". Through necessity and turbulent economic climates, our industry has had to evolve and diversify in order to create new streams of revenues. One of these new streams has been aluminium. Thanks to a shift in consumer demand, [...]

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Origin’s New Aluminium Residential Door Range Is A Sign Of Things To Come

Just the other week, Origin, one of the leading bi-folding door manufacturers, announced a brand new aluminium residential door product range. Click here to find out more and download a brochure. At first glance they look good, and knowing Origin's reputation for quality, they'll be built well too. But this isn't just about a new [...]

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Are Spitfire Doors The Best Aluminium Doors In The UK?

This year's FIT Show had lots to offer visitors this time round, including a buffet of the most advanced and innovative window and door products that UK fenestration has ever seen. It meant that as an exhibiting company, it was a tall order to stand out from the crowd. Some did however, and one of [...]

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Origin Announces Two Game-Changing Products

Origin, makers of some of the most renowned bi-folding doors and the company that turned lead times on it's head, have revealed two new products that they say are two firsts for the window and door industry. These products are Twin Flush and Aerogel. Lets take a look. Twin Flush Not hard to guess, [...]

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Aluminium Windows And Doors Are The Biggest Threat To PVCu

Threat is a bit of a strong word really. It's not as if one material is out for the demise of another. Although when you think of how PVCu has dominated the residential market over the past three or four decades, you wouldn't be blamed for thinking that PVCu did in fact almost wipe aluminium [...]

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