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Tiger Locks Provides Super Security For New Builds

This is a sponsored article by Brisant Secure Tiger Locks has secured 59 doors on an estate in West Yorkshire in just 9 days, after a spate of burglaries in the area, using Ultion. The new build estate had been built with doors featuring basic cylinders that can be snapped in less than 10 [...]

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Lock Lock Secures A GOOD DESIGN® Award

This is a sponsored article by Brisant Secure The Lock Lock security handle that is part of the Sweet range of door furniture from Brisant Secure has just won an internationally acclaimed GOOD DESIGN® Award for 2018 in the category of Safety and Security. The GOOD DESIGN® awards are one of the world’s oldest [...]

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Super Secure Is Now A Must Sell, Says Brisant Secure

This is a sponsored article by Brisant Secure Brisant Secure says that 2018 was a year when people stopped using super secure as an upsell and it became a must sell, with security the number one key driver in entrance door sales. It’s also become a default setting for trusted locksmiths across the nation. [...]

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Our Ultion Website And Yours…

This is a sponsored article by Brisant Secure The new Ultion website from Brisant Secure offers a beautiful engaging experience and has been launched with a unique product presentation page for customers with Ultion On Your Site. Ultion On Your Site can be integrated on to any website from a selection of banner links. [...]

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