National Timber Group Acquires Cotswold Manufacturing

This is a circulated press release National Timber Group, the largest independent added-value timber distribution and processing group in the UK and parent of Arnold Laver, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the trade and assets of Cotswold Manufacturing Limited, to accelerate its growth and consolidate its position as the industry leader [...]

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Masco US Confirms Sales Of UK Window Group

Masco US have released their 3rd quarter results, with the first apparent confirmation from the company that they have sold their UK window and door companies. Their full Q3 results can be read here. But from the release, this is key paragraph with regards to their UK fenestration industry exposure: We are pleased with [...]

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Clayton Glass Acquires Global Glass

The Aperture Group is pleased to announce the sale of Global Glass to the award-winning and well established IGU manufacturer, Clayton Glass. With a 60-year history in the glass sector specifically, the company is well positioned to take the Global business forward. Matthew Mycock, CEO of the Aperture Group comments: “Since I joined Aperture [...]

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UAP Acquires Intelligent Hardware

UAP appear to be in an active expansion phase, with the announcement of their acquisition of Intelligent Hardware. This was the press release they issued: We are extremely pleased to announce that we have acquired Yorkshire-based internal door hardware company, Intelligent Hardware. This is an important addition to the UAP portfolio as we continue [...]

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A North West Fabricator & Installer Is Up For Sale At £2.2m

There's a lot of talk right now about companies up for sale, being bought etc. We're in a period of readjustment, and with a continued over-supply of companies both in installation and fabrication, we could see a lot more M&A activity over the next couple of years. It was a new follower on Twitter [...]

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Reports: 200 Jobs Lost At Zenith Home Improvements

News around Zenith, Weatherseal and the overall Kairos Group has been sparce at best the past week or so. Much has been said on social media, in particular on Linkedin mostly by national competitors, but little to nothing has come out from the companies or invidivduals involved. However, a post has appeared online from [...]

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Masco Corporation To Sell Milgard Windows In $725m Deal

Across the pond in the US, Masco has announced that it has signed what they call a "definitive agreement" to sell Milgard Windows. In the UK we have different terminology for describing such business activity. They have agreed to sell the company to MI Windows and Doors for $725m. I don't often cover fenestration [...]

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Morley Glass & Glazing Announces 22% Annual Growth

This is a sponsored article by Morley Glass & Glazing Specialist integral blinds manufacturer Morley Glass & Glazing has reported 22% growth in turnover in the past 12 months. The successful £18 million company is the largest manufacturer of sealed units with ScreenLine® integral blinds inside in the UK. It provides its customers with [...]

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Safestyle’s Turnaround On Track With H1 Results

The results are in from Safestyle and their performance in the first half of this year, and it looks like that things are bang on track for the company. Before I give my analysis, here are the key points that were released by the company this morning. The results This is the information provided [...]

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MASCO UK Window Group Name Changed

Things may well be moving with the MASCO UK Window Group story. Details on Companies House this morning show that the company has formally changed it's company name to UK Window Group. You can find that information here. MASCO name removed According to the documents filed with Companies House, the company is now simply [...]

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Kaliber Marketing (Holdings) Limited Assets Sold

The M&A wheels are in motion in the industry right now, with deals and restructurings going on all over the place. Today I want to focus on what has been happening with Kaliber Marketing (Holdings) Limited. The company which traded formerly as KAT UK, is in administration according to Companies House. There now appears [...]

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Safestyle’s Share Price Fell Below 50p

Despite some of the recent good news to come out of Safestyle UK, their share price hasn't reflected that mood. On Monday their share price fell below 50p, to lows not seen since October of last year. Wider issues at play? Here's the 1-year chart: Credit: Bloomberg At the time of writing [...]

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GQA Announces Acquisition Of PAA/VQ-Set

Big news within the industry, this time in the form of an acquisition in the qualifications and certifications side of things. GQA Qualifications have acquired PAA/VQ-Set. Here is the full story from the GQA website: GQA Qualifications is pleased to announce it has completed the acquisition of PAA/VQ-Set the awarding body for the Polymer, [...]

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Safestyle Reveals 2019 First Half Results

Its earnings season, which means we're about to hear from the traded companies we have within the window and door industry and how they did during the first half of 2019. Safestyle have just reported, and whilst it's good news for them, a very specific detail within their announcement signals big difficulty for the [...]

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42% Believe A Fitting Team Should Be Paid £1000-£1500 Per Week

Sorry for the radio silence. Getting used to being a Dad for the first time is a very tiring and time consuming thing. I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm getting used to a different day schedule while I'm on paternity leave, so hopefully I can get back to posting my own content [...]

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Customade Group Acquires Manufacturing Assets Of GBW Panels

Many have known about the misfortune to fall on GBW Panels of late. They had indeed gone into administration, but with little known about the future of the company, or any news to come out from them, there were a few question marks hanging around. Well now we know. They have been acquired by [...]

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