42% Believe A Fitting Team Should Be Paid £1000-£1500 Per Week

Sorry for the radio silence. Getting used to being a Dad for the first time is a very tiring and time consuming thing. I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm getting used to a different day schedule while I'm on paternity leave, so hopefully I can get back to posting my own content [...]

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Customade Group Acquires Manufacturing Assets Of GBW Panels

Many have known about the misfortune to fall on GBW Panels of late. They had indeed gone into administration, but with little known about the future of the company, or any news to come out from them, there were a few question marks hanging around. Well now we know. They have been acquired by [...]

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Masco UK Window Group Is Put Up For Sale

A few days ago I wrote that the review period at Masco US to decide on what to do about it's UK window businesses was nearing it's end. You can catch up on that article here. Well, right on time, they have made a fresh announcement as to what their intentions are. Pursue Divestitures [...]

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Nearly Three Quarters Believe Home Owners Should Pay More For Their Windows And Doors

In the latest of my running series of weekly polls, I have been asking you whether you think home owners should be paying more for their windows and doors. Last Monday night I launched a new week-long poll asking that question, and a week later we have a pretty definitive result. The poll and [...]

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How Our Industry’s Traded Companies Are Faring This Year

The fenestration industry isn't exactly littered with companies that are traded on the markets. But there are a few, and those few are key indicators as to the general health and outlook for the rest of the industry. So they are always worth a look. As we near the half point of the year [...]

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Masco Is Nearing The End Of It’s “Strategic Alternatives” Review Period

Back on March 1st, Masco in the US announced that it was to review "strategic alternatives" for it's window and cabinetry businesses, and that it was to be concluded by the end of June. You can read that article on the Masco website here. Well, we're in mid-June now, and if they're running on [...]

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Acquisition: Key Acquisition Accelerates Caldwell’s Indian Expansion

This is a circulated article by Caldwell Hardware experts Caldwell are expanding their global reach with the acquisition of a key Indian distributor. Mumbai-based Archintex already supply quality Cotswold hardware to businesses across the Indian subcontinent. Now, the fast-growing firm will become part of newly-formed Caldwell South-East Asia. It’s just the latest phase in [...]

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Four Seasons Home Improvements Of Exeter Goes Into Administration

It is being reported in the Devon Live website that Exeter-based Four Seasons Home Improvements has entered into administration. A statement on the Four Seasons Home Improvements website states: MOST RECOMMENDED LTD T/A FOUR SEASONS HOME IMPROVEMENTS ENTERED INTO LEGAL ADMINISTRATION ON 16/5/2019 ALL ENQUIRIES TO   CLIVE FORTIS AT ANTHONY BATTY & COMPANY LLP [...]

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There Could Be A Huge Spending Boom Coming For Our Industry

Some of you may have seen on Twitter that I was kindly invited by the guys at MRA Marketing and Deceuninck on a trip to Belgium to visit their vast recycling facility in Diksmuide and their manufacturing plant in Gits. It's massive by the way. I will be writing more about that in the [...]

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Safestyle Report £16m Loss In 2018 Full Year Results

That headline doesn't sound good does it. A £16m loss is a bad result no matter who you are. But, you only need to look at the share price of Safestyle since the figures came out to see what the bigger picture tells us. This is my brief shakedown of the 2018 results for [...]

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Eurocell Announce Positive 2018 Full Year Results

It's the start of earnings season in the window and door industry, with the very largest companies, usually traded on the stock markets, begin to announce their 2018 full year results. Safestyle have announced theirs, which I will cover in another post this week, as have Deceuninck and Epwin. I shall be covering them [...]

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Interserve Fall Into Administration

Remember Carillion? Another huge Government contractor has gone into administration. This time round however there will be less disruption as the company has already been purchased by it's lenders in what is known as a pre-pack administration. Here are the details. Holding statement If you go to the Interserve website you get this holding [...]

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Leads2Trade Acquires CloudGlaze

There has been more than one big industry acquisition just recently, but one that might have slipped under the radar for a few of us happened in the digital space of our sector. On February 25th it was announced that Leads2Trade has acquired CloudGlaze. The statement This was the announcement published on the Leads2Trade [...]

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Synseal Group Acquired By Aperture Trading Ltd

BREAKING INDUSTRY NEWS: Aperture Trading Ltd announces it has successfully completed an agreement to purchase the majority of Synseal Group’s trade and assets from administration for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition will safeguard more than 1000 jobs, secure supply to 1200 customers and allow the business to focus time and investment on areas which [...]

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The Safestyle Share Price Rally Is Fading

The rally in the share price of Safestyle is losing steam. After hovering near the 100p per share mark near the end of 2018, it looked as though those who ditched shares and sent them falling to the 30p mark had overdone it. After the SafeGlaze news was digested we saw a sustained drive [...]

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Sentry Doors Partners With Cairngorm Capital To Accelerate Growth Strategy

We have acquisition news, and this time in the fire-doors part of the market which has been under intense scrutiny in recent months. Cairngorm Capital 2, part of the same stable as Cairngorm Capital, has acquired Sentry Doors who are based in Doncaster. The press release: Here is the statement issued by the company: [...]

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