Safestyle Shares Fall Dramatically Away

Safestyle shares have been having a bit of a honeymoon period in the last couple of weeks. A threat has been removed from the marketplace. The type that could cause serious damage or worse. That honeymoon period seems to have come abruptly to an end. A quick retreat Take a look at this chart: [...]

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Armstrong Watson Secures Sale Of SafeGlaze UK Order Book To Warmseal

Finally, some long awaited good news for customers associated with SafeGlaze who have work that it yet to commence: This is a press release issued by Armstrong Watson and Warmseal Further to the appointment of Robert Adamson, Mike Kienlen and Mark Ranson as Joint Administrators of Niamac Developments Limited (formerly trading as SafeGlaze UK) on [...]

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SafeGlaze Enters Administration

It has been announced that NIAMAC DEVELOPMENTS LTD, trading as SafeGlaze UK, has gone into administration with the loss of 130 jobs. This comes after the news that they had struck a commercial deal with rivals Safestyle UK to end their dispute, which also saw previous owner Mitu Misra rejoin the company to aid [...]

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Safestyle Share Price Rises A Staggering Near 70%

I know there has been a lot of Safestyle news on DGB in the past few weeks, and for good reason. But since the commercial deal struck with the owner of SafeGlaze announced on Monday, the response to Safestyle from investors has been remarkable. Something we could not have predicted just a few short [...]

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Safestyle UK Reaches Commercial Agreement With SafeGlaze UK

Over the weekend I was receiving messages from both sides as to the impending Safestyle UK/SafeGlaze UK deal, and as expected, I have been given the official press release stating so. These are the things we know, and fair to say, stock price reactions have been good. The statement Commercial Agreement Further to the [...]

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Safestyle Deny Safeglaze Takeover Rumours

The fenestration industry rumour mill is in fifth gear right now. Whispers of this, tales of that. One rumour to actually have been addressed today however is the trade speculation that Safestyle UK is to buy SafeGlaze UK. Could this story have any more twists and turns? Safestyle actually addressed the speculation earlier on [...]

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Safestyle Shares Rise Nearly 30% Since First-Half Results Published

Well, 29.5% to be exact, but by the laws of stats you can round that up to 30%. This is frankly remarkable. Last week I published the results of Safestyle's first half of the year including my own analysis of those figures. If you didn't catch that you can click here to read my [...]

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Safestyle Announce Negative H1 Interim Results

Safestyle UK reported their interim H1 results this morning, and if you have any interest in the company, then the reading was not positive. At all. Before I go into my analysis, of which there is plenty to go at, these are the main bullet points of the news you need to know. The [...]

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Deceuninck Announce Strong H1 In Latest Trading Update

You know me, I'm a bit of a business nerd. So when a company sends me a their trading update, I'm always happy to publish it on here and give it a bit of a going over. #nerd This time round it's Deceuninck and they have announced their first half year trading results. Not [...]

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Eurocell Publishes It’s Half-Year Results

In the business world it has been earnings season for the last couple of weeks or so, and in the window world this is no different. Eurocell is the next name to publish it's half-year report, and on the face of it, all seems to be going rather well. The overview I'm not going [...]

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Eurocell Acquires Ecoplas

Another acquisition has been made, this time in the recycling space, a part of our industry that is set to grow rapidly over the next few years as the tide against plastics becomes stronger. Here is the full statement from Eurocell. The statement One of our five key strategic priorities is to increase the [...]

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There’s A Crisis In Glass, And It’s Going To Get Worse

Those of you in the IGU and fabrication part of our industry will know very well right now that there is a rather serious glass crisis hitting the sector right now. Some companies are reporting huge glass price increases of anywhere from 10-25% and it's happening right now. So, what is the cause of [...]

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Safestyle Shares Drop Further Amid New Chairman Appointment

Things didn't get much better on the share price front for Safestyle UK on Friday last week as their share price fell a further 12% following on from a 20% drop the day before after yet another profit warning. This morning we have news of a new immediate Non-Executive Chairman appointment, namely Alan Lovell. [...]

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Safestyle UK Shares Plummet Over 20% After Latest Trading Update

Embattled Safestyle UK issued another trading update this morning. The news was not good. The trading update Here is the statement in full from the company: Safestyle UK plc, the leading retailer and manufacturer of PVCu replacement windows and doors to the UK homeowner market, today issues an update on trading. Since the appointment [...]

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Sterling Falls To Seven Month Low

For those who keep an eye on currency movements and all other things business, you will know that Sterling versus the Dollar has hit a seven month low. This after reaching a new high above $1.43, the highest since the 2016 EU vote. It was that steady climb that helped keep inflation under relative [...]

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