Simple CPS Switching: The Certass Way

This is a sponsored article by Certass With insurance and energy contract renewals consistently in the headlines, as a nation, we’re starting to move away from auto‐renewing policies, in favour of finding great new deals and better customer service. According to Certass, it’s no different for window installation companies, who are looking for a [...]

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Certass Launches Introduce A Friend Offer

This is a sponsored article by Certass Over the last few months we have been asking new members joining us the reasons they picked Certass and where they heard about us. The top reason why new members joined was for our customer service levels and our friendly, helpful staff. Of course, all the other [...]

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Growing Pressure For Quality Checks

This issue has been rumbling on over the last few weeks. The issue being less than reputable companies being allowed to be FENSA or Certass registered, causing damage to the reputation both of FENSA, the other industry bodies and the industry in general. Well I believe that there is pressure growing and that something needs [...]

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Ever Wondered How Many Members There Are?

I asked FENSA and Certass recently on Twitter how many members each of them had. Certass didn't have the numbers to hand, but FENSA did tweet me this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/competent-person-self-certification-schemes-statistics It then led me to a spreadsheet showing exactly how many members each organisation has, up to September 30th 2012. I have it on PDF if [...]

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