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DGB To Launch DGB Jobs

All being well, this evening (Monday 16th January) I will be launching DGB Jobs. This is a trial of a new service that I hope will take root and grow over time. If it does, great. If not, then I'll quietly retire it. The aim of DGB Jobs is very simple: to give people [...]

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DGB Performance In 2016 vs 2015

2016 was another great year for this website. I work hard to ensure that there is enough decent content on here that I hope is useful, insightful and generally worth taking a few minutes out of your day to read. My analysis of DGB's stats is proof to me that my hard work pays [...]

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DGB Of Old To Return In 2017

We're approaching the end of the year, not that you all needed reminding. The end of a year often brings a time of reflection, contemplation, and thoughts about the New Year and how to get it off to a good start, in all walks of life. It's also a time where people think of [...]

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DGB Turns 7 Years Old Today!

On this day, seven years ago, I published by first article on what was a very primitive Double Glazing Blogger. It began as a place to air my frustrations with the industry. After seeing the Renegade Conservatory Guy website, I thought that I could could create my own corner of the web where I could [...]

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Introducing DGB Features

You might have seen a few tweets from the DGB Twitter account over the past couple of weeks hinting towards a new section on DGB that was currently under construction. I'm happy to say that it is now complete and I am happy to show it to you all. DGB Features Over the years DGB [...]

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How DGB Performed In 2015

Now 2015 is out of the way and that particular year is complete, I can now carry out my annual picking apart of the important stats on this website to see how it performed during this year, and how is fared with the 12 months previous. To kick things off, here's a nice simple infographic [...]

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You Can Now Submit Your Own Posts On Double Glazing Blogger

This has been one of my ideas I have been toying with for a little while, and I've decided to give it a blast to see if it becomes a popular feature or not. I have created a section for readers to submit their own posts. This is what you need to know. Expanding the [...]

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DGB Breaks All-Time Visitors Record!

Over the weekend I am very happy to report that this site broke it's all-time visitors record, breaking the 2014 total over ten weeks before the end of the year. 2014 vs now Last year, DGB recorded a then record of 102,601 visitors to the site, of which 76,132 were unique. Stats I was very [...]

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Changes Coming To This Website

You may start to see a few changes coming to this site over the coming days and weeks. For those who know me, this sort of tinkering is to be expected. There are reasons behind this latest series of changes. It has occurred to me that with well over 2000 articles published on this site [...]

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Who Are You – Double Glazing Blogger Readership Breakdown

I have been running a poll recently on Double Glazing Blogger where I have been asking you to identify which part of the industry you work in. It's all in aid of me getting to know exactly who the readership of this website is. The results so far have been interesting. It's great to see [...]

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More Installations Required For Design

As far as features go on this website, Design has to be one of the ones I'm most proud of. I saw the rise in online magazines showcasing amazing architecture, interior design and the general luxury lifestyle, yet I saw nothing specifically for our industry. This is when I created Design. My own attempt at [...]

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What Types Of Content Do You Want To See In The Future?

I have focused this year on improving the quality of the content on DGB. During 2014 I wasn't happy with the stuff I was posting on a daily basis. It felt rushed and poorly thought through. I made a promise to myself that this year the content would be a lot better, and looking back, [...]

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Double Glazing Blogger Is Now On Facebook

Well, I couldn't resist it any longer, Double Glazing Blogger is now officially on Facebook! A platform I could not ignore Personally I am not a fan of Facebook as a social network. I think of it as a tad juvenile. A place to spy on ex's, friends and a place where general gossip can [...]

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DGB Consumer Goes Live!

It was just over a year ago since I decided that a consumer section on this website was a good idea. I wasn't going to rush into something like this. It needed planning. It needed thought. Not just chucking together. I had to think about what the site needed to look like. It had to [...]

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