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MASCO UK Window Group Name Changed

Things may well be moving with the MASCO UK Window Group story. Details on Companies House this morning show that the company has formally changed it's company name to UK Window Group. You can find that information here. MASCO name removed According to the documents filed with Companies House, the company is now simply [...]

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Kaliber Marketing (Holdings) Limited Assets Sold

The M&A wheels are in motion in the industry right now, with deals and restructurings going on all over the place. Today I want to focus on what has been happening with Kaliber Marketing (Holdings) Limited. The company which traded formerly as KAT UK, is in administration according to Companies House. There now appears [...]

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Smart Window & Door Tech Will Only Be A Success If Its Easy To Use

This year has seen a lot of smart window and door tech launched, most of it at the FIT Show. Whilst there have been products out there in the market for a while now, its been sporadic and with mixed results. Now, we are spoiled for choice. We have Kubu by Avantis, Brisant Secure's [...]

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Would You Publish Your Prices Online For Home Owners?

Technology has certainly transformed the way our industry deals not only within itself, but also with home owners. Whether its communication between home owners and companies, the way we order products, marketing and messaging. Technology has made all of that quicker, and in most cases simpler. Thanks to the internet, it has allowed home [...]

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2019 National Fenestration Awards Shortlists Announced

In what was a mammoth nominations phase which began at the start of the year (remember that?), the finalists have been announced for each of the 25 categories of the 2019 National Fenestration Awards. They are as follows: Aluminium Company 2019 Aire Valley Architectural Aluminium Ltd Alumina by Liniar AluK GB CDW Systems [...]

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It Could Be A Really Messy End To The Year

Its the start of September, so you know what that means, silly season is about to begin! That time of year where the last few months remain in which home owners can get their new windows and doors installed before Christmas. Like it makes a difference really. We're only really closed for a couple [...]

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83% Say Fenestration Installers Don’t Have Enough Protection From Rogue Home Owners

In the past week on Linkedin and Twitter there has been much conversation about home owners, our dealings with them, and discussion about whether they are becoming harder to deal with. It was the inspiration for my latest poll on Twitter, where I asked the industry whether they though they had enough protection from [...]

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The Fenestration Companies Taking The Lead On Sustainability

Climate change is very much the focus right now. Iceland has laid a memorial to a glacier that no longer exists. The Amazon rainforest is being crippled by fires. We have had record heatwaves in the UK, Europe and the US. There are a number of crises in various places on the planet right [...]

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Opinion: The General Public Are Getting Harder To Deal With

Dealing with the general public, and businesses protecting themselves against the rogue element of them seems to be the hot topic this week. Earlier on today a friend of mine messaged me privately in pure frustration after being asked one of the most ridiculous things I have heard from a home owner in a [...]

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Do Fenestration Installers Have Enough Protection Against Rogue Home Owners?

Last night I asked my followers on Twitter as to what they think my next poll should be. I got a lot of good ideas, some of which will be used in future polls. The conversation from there turned to the issue of deposits, with some saying that they have started to take larger [...]

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Safestyle’s Share Price Fell Below 50p

Despite some of the recent good news to come out of Safestyle UK, their share price hasn't reflected that mood. On Monday their share price fell below 50p, to lows not seen since October of last year. Wider issues at play? Here's the 1-year chart: Credit: Bloomberg At the time of writing [...]

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GQA Announces Acquisition Of PAA/VQ-Set

Big news within the industry, this time in the form of an acquisition in the qualifications and certifications side of things. GQA Qualifications have acquired PAA/VQ-Set. Here is the full story from the GQA website: GQA Qualifications is pleased to announce it has completed the acquisition of PAA/VQ-Set the awarding body for the Polymer, [...]

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Skills Crisis Is The Fenestration Sector’s Biggest Problem According To Poll

For the past week I have been running a poll via my Twitter account asking the industry what it thought was the biggest problem facing the sector right now. There are a number of fundamental points we have to tackle right now, all of which could pose a huge threat to the entire industry. [...]

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Should The Fenestration Industry Avoid Companies Who Phoenix?

When a company goes under, its always a messy affair. Jobs are lost, as is history and legacy. It truly is a sad time for everyone involved and connected to the business. Sometimes however, the company can be saved. Either through closing down and starting again, otherwise known as "phoenixing", or through other means, [...]

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Introducing Fenestration Live

Ever seen the live page features on news sites when something big kicks off? The BBC has a live page feature for many sub-sections of it's website, including it's business pages and local/regional pages. Given how active our industry is online, especially on social media, I thought it might be a good idea to [...]

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45% Say The First Half Of 2019 Was Better Than Expected For Fenestration Industry

I started the week on what some will see as a bit of a negative tone. You can catch my post asking the question as to what is the biggest problem for the fenestration industry right now by clicking here. The last poll I ran on DGB however asked how the first half of [...]

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