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The State Of Product Quality And Customer Service

In yesterday's post I touched on a number of issues that the window industry is struggling to cope with. A couple of those were poor product quality and bad customer service. To catch up on that post, click here. This isn't going to be a long post. You all know my thoughts on these [...]

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I’m Not Sure The Window Industry Can Ever Recover

Ever get the feeling that running a business in the window and door industry only gets harder? Each year there seems to be more and more issues for our industry to have to deal with. GDPR, lack of skilled labour, price increases, skewed consumer protection law, poor product quality, poor supplier customer service, masses [...]

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Emplas Acquires Leading IGU Business

This is an acquisition announcement press release by John Warren PR Emplas has acquired leading insulated glazed unit and glass processing business, Padiham Glass Padiham Glass supplies an extensive range of glass and IGU’s from from its 45,000 sq ft Lancashire manufacturing facility. With immediate effect it becomes part of the Emplas Group of [...]

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The Buying Experience Is More Important Than Ever

It doesn't matter whether it's a cup of coffee, a car, new windows and doors, a kitchen or a holiday, the experience of that purchase is about one of the most important aspects of business. The buying experience encapsulates almost all other areas of business interactions with customers. And now, with social media and [...]

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ERA Acquires Zoo Hardware

This is a press release from ERA UK security expert ERA has successfully completed the acquisition of Zoo Hardware, a leading supplier of architectural hardware including handles, knobs, locks and hinges. Based in Carlisle, Zoo has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2010 and today offers a wide selection of products in aluminium, [...]

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Could More Price Increases Be On The Way?

It feels like our industry has been in a constant state of flux in the past few years when it comes to price increases. Every couple of months or so all parts of our supply chain get hit with price increases. Whether you're an installer, fabricator, systems company, glass maker, hardware supplier or anything [...]

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DGB Average Prices Survey: The Results

A little while ago I launched a multiple-poll post in an effort to find out what the industry thinks our most popular products should be sold to home owners for. You can catch up on that post by clicking here. I'm not going to analyse all the results given here, there's too much to [...]

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SageGlass Connects It’s Dynamic Glass To Amazon’s Echo

"Alexa, dim the glass". Some of you will know who SageGlass is. For those who don't, they are a US-based arm of Saint-Gobain whose marquee product is their electrochromic dynamic glass that can tint on command. Here it is in action: It is widely used in medical facilities and office buildings in [...]

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The Pitiful State Of Hardware

OK, two things to clarify before I start. First, that is indeed my garbage letter box on my own front door. Second, in this post about the sorry state of hardware, I cannot claim to have thought of using the word "pitiful" for the title of this post. But yes, this post is about [...]

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Safestyle Hires Restructuring Expert In Bid To Turn Around Fortunes

In a bid to turn around the fortunes of struggling national window and door retailer Safestyle UK, they have announced that Michael Gallacher is to replace current group CEO Steve Birmingham. The plight of the national installer has been well known for months, with numerous profit warnings and trading updates that have sent their [...]

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Eurocell Bucking The Trend On The Markets

In what is a fairly turbulent time for the window and door industry and it’s biggest companies, you could be forgiven that ever single major player is looking over their shoulder. We have seen the demise of Entu. The share price collapse of Safestyle UK. Bad rumblings out of the likes of Everest and [...]

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It Could Be A Volatile Time For The Aluminium Window And Door Sector

Ever wondered if the world of politics and sanctions could ever have real-time effects on the window and door industry? Well, yes they can. This is a story about President Trump, tariffs, and a Russian aluminium company called Rusal. Trump tariffs You cannot have missed the recent talk about a trade war between America [...]

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Safestyle UK Shares In Freefall After Latest Profits Warning

Another quarter and another profit warning from national window and door installers Safestyle UK. This time, the statement was pretty grim, and the resulting share price performance matched the tone of the update. The statement Here are the important bits from the latest trading update statement: In its Final Results announcement on 22 March [...]

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Letter To The Editor: Response To Unglazed Residence 9 Article By HWL Trade Frames Director Mark Haley

This is a guest article, a letter to the editor, by HWL Trade Frames Director Mark Haley, in response to an earlier published article about unglazed Residence 9 windows. You can read that original article here: Dear Jason, There’s been a lot of discussion (and I suspect that there’s probably a lot more to [...]

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How Software Is Changing The Window Industry

As an industry we're in the midst of massive change and overhaul. Products of old are slowly being phased out. Better, more advanced products are taking their place. You only need to look to the rise of aluminium, the transformation of PVCu profiles, the endless ranges of architectural hardware. The industry has gone through [...]

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Just 77,000 Brand New Conservatories Were Built Last Year

I went on a training course on Monday, to brush up on my conservatory and extension knowledge. We took our new surveyor along as well. It was a useful few hours, kindly put on by Ultraframe and Prefix. It was an informative session, and most definitely came away with new knowledge and information. However, [...]

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