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A High End Product Needs A High End Experience

For many installers and fabricators, the last few years has all been about switching to the higher end of the window and door market. Many now understand that to make the better profit margins and attract the bigger contract values, the higher end is where it's at. The margins left in small, shiny white [...]

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Could We See More Vertical Integration In The Window Industry Next Year?

I touched on vertical integration earlier on in the year and posed the scenario that we may see more of it in the future in the window and door industry. Here is the official definition of vertical integration according to Google: the combination in one firm of two or more stages of production normally operated [...]

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Time To Raise Prices In 2018?

As we head into the final few weeks of the year, no doubt many of you will be starting to make your plans for next year. What will your new sales targets be? Will you be adding more products to your portfolio? What investments in tech and IT will you be making? Perhaps one [...]

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Poor Product Quality And Service Has A Major Problem This Year

Late deliveries this year? Damaged products? Missing items? Poor customer service? If you answered yes to anything of these, chances are you're not the only one, and you won't have just complained about it once or twice this year. As we start to look back at this year, I would say that one of [...]

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Have Solid Roofs Been Fire Tested?

The horrifying images from the disastrous Grenfell Tower fire in the summer will no doubt be one of the enduring moments of 2017. I am sure we can all agree that we all hope to never see the likes of anything like that ever again. As a result of the fire, checks were done [...]

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Self-Employed Window Salesman Wins Right To 13 Years Paid Holiday

Self-employed sales person? Been working for the company you're at for a fair old while? Been taking your holidays unpaid? Well, all that could be about to change, and you might be entitled to a cash windfall as well! Sounds like one of those annoying PPI phone calls doesn't it. I'm not twisting your [...]

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Aluminium Window Searches Have Outpaced PVC Searches This Year

I went back to Google Trends for inspiration for this post. It's a brilliant tool if you're looking to research something. It's been around for a while now. It was a bit of a blunt tool at first. But as the years have gone on, Google have sharpened it, made it more accurate, and [...]

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Would You Leave The Window Industry?

Yesterday, I wrote about how new apprenticeship starts had actually fallen a staggering 59% compared to the same period in 2017. This was far from the result the Government will have been hoping for when it launched it's apprentice initiative in 2015. This was bad news for the window industry, coming at a time [...]

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NFA Voting Deadline To Be Extended By One Day

This article was originally published on the National Fenestration Awards website In the spirit of Cyber Monday, we’re giving you all something for free. Specifically, one extra day to vote in the 2017 National Fenestration Awards campaign! As you may know, the original date for the closing of the voting was 11pm this Thursday, [...]

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Apprenticeship Scheme Failing As Numbers Drop 59%

Remember the flagship apprenticeship scheme announced by then Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015? The plan was to create an extra three million apprenticeship places by 2020, with the aim to supply trades and industries with the next generation of talent and people power. This was to be paid for by a levy (a [...]

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The Window Industry Might Have Much More To Worry About

As with any major budget announcement, it takes a day or two for the dust to settle and the full ramifications of the policies announced become clear. Media outlets and financial institutions have been pouring over the figures and information, and the general consensus for the outlook for consumers and living standards isn't looking [...]

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Is The Window Industry Productive Enough?

It was budget day on Wednesday, as if you needed reminding. Don't worry, this isn't going to be a 3000 word essay on my thoughts on the 2017 Budget, I'll pick that apart in later posts! This post was actually inspired by something said by the Chancellor nearer the beginning of his speech. It [...]

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Fenestration Company Shares Values Have Failed To Recover

Remember back in the summer when the share price value of some of our industry's biggest publicly traded companies took a nose dive? It was during the height of the industry turbulence which saw Entu flirt with oblivion and brought back from the brink in a buyout by Brian Kennedy. A period which saw [...]

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G17 Winners Announced

On Friday night the industry gathered at the Hilton Hotel in London as the winners of the G17 industry awards were announced. Here is the list of winners: COMPONENT SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR Mila CONSERVATORY INSTALLER OF THE YEAR Thistle Windows & Conservatories CUSTOMER CARE INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR Glassolutions FABRICATOR OF THE [...]

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DGB Launches Host Of New Advertising Options

I took a look at the advertising slots available on DGB the other day. I've always thought that there weren't enough, give the diversity of niches within our overall market. As you may or may not know, each ad slot is exclusive to the company in that area. So, for example, Morley Glass have [...]

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Do We Really Know What The Rules Are On Solid Roof Conversions?

Solid roofs. They have been one of the fastest growing markets in UK fenestration for a lot of years now. Home owners have been snapping them up as a remedy to turn their existing conservatories into something more like an extension. A room to be used 12 months a year, without being cold, too [...]

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