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2018 G Awards Finalists Announced

Last week the finalists for the annual G Awards were announced. Every year at the Hilton hotel on Park Lane in London, a Gala dinner is held to announce each year's winners. This year's ceremony is to take place on 30th November, so a lucky few will have an early Christmas present to round [...]

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Safestyle Announce New Appointment To Board

Safestyle UK are due to announce their next set of trading results on Thursday. This will be the next indication as to the health of the company. As we know, they had a rare win the other week when they managed to reach a settlement with SafeGlaze UK. If you missed that news, click [...]

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National Fenestration Awards Nomination Phase Deadline Approaches

As you may have noticed, we're finally drawing to a close on this year's mammoth nominations phase in the 2018 National Fenestration Awards. To be precise, you have until 11pm on Friday 14th September in which to place your nominations. Now that might not sound like a lot of time. However, in reality it [...]

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Introducing DGB Products

You might have seen the list of services on DGB grow in recent times. DGB People has been the most recent addition to the site, documenting the fenestration sector through the prism of people. Less immediate additions have been things such as DGB Jobs and DGB Events. The Jobs page has been particularly successful [...]

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External Condensation Season Is Here

Strictly speaking, it's still Summer. In reality, Autumn (fall for my US readers) is here. The temperatures have dropped, it's raining, it's cloudy and the foliage is on the turn. We can't complain, we've had a hell of a summer. Part and parcel with this time of year is external condensation. A bi-product of [...]

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What Is The True Definition Of “Suited” Hardware?

This is an opinion piece by DGB The door hardware sector is a battlefield right now. A battle which has been years in the making, thanks to the ever irritating problem of pitting. That universal problem for all installers and fabricators taking more than just the shine off a door purchase. Speaking of which, [...]

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Silly Season Is About To Get Under Way

It's the the start of a new school year, the weather is on the turn, MP's are back in Parliament and the countdown to Christmas has begun. Yes, this is the official start of Silly Season. That very special time of year where home owners up and down the land who have left it [...]

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There Is A Glass Supply Problem, And It’s Of Our Own Making

There is a problem with glass supply in the UK. I have seen comments of late questioning whether this is all hype and bluster. I have had my own conversations with people involved directly in the process of buying and manufacturing of glass and IGUs and I am assured that there are major problems [...]

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Safestyle Shares Rocket After Litigation Settlement

This morning Safestyle UK provided an update on it's ongoing litigation case. The settlement reads as a big win for Safestyle, as a result, their share price this morning shot up. The statement Here is the statement provided by Safestyle UK in full: Safestyle UK PLC ("Safestyle UK" or the "Company") today announces the settlement of its [...]

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Guest Article By Colin Torley: Heritage Glass

This is a guest article by Saveheat Group MD Colin Torley Hi Jason, You recently raised the question about whether the glazing industry is corrupt. I have been in the window and door industry for over 30 years now and I have seen a lot of change over the years and most of it [...]

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Does The Composite Door Sector Have Quality Problems?

DISCLAIMER: THIS ARTICLE IS AN OPINION PIECE BASED ON THE GENERAL COMMENTARY WITHIN THE INDUSTRY ABOUT THIS PRODUCT AND IS NOT AIMED AT A COMPANY OR GROUP OF COMPANIES IN PARTICULAR This is an opinion piece by DGB There's no doubting the impact composite doors have had on the overall entrance door market and [...]

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The World Has A Major Plastics Problem, And Our Industry Won’t Be Immune

This is an opinion piece by DGB Some of you may have noticed DGB being a bit quiet for the past few weeks. That is down to my wedding and then jetting off to Thailand for an amazing honeymoon. Powering through the jetlag, things will be returning to normal as some sort of normality [...]

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Eurocell Publishes It’s Half-Year Results

In the business world it has been earnings season for the last couple of weeks or so, and in the window world this is no different. Eurocell is the next name to publish it's half-year report, and on the face of it, all seems to be going rather well. The overview I'm not going [...]

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Is The Window Industry About To Evolve, Painfully?

I think you can actually feel the pain in the industry right now. Rising material costs. Rising wage costs. Ongoing service and quality issues. Highly stringent consumer protection laws. Brand new GDPR data laws. These are just a few of the pains in the sector happening right now, and I think you can look [...]

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FENSA’s Zero-Tolerance Of Sexism

This is a guest post by Anda Gregory, Managing Director of FENSA I was recently made aware of the interesting blog entitled “No, Your Husband Doesn’t Need To Be Present To Sign For New Windows”. It was pretty shocking to see that there are clearly examples of some very poor and outdated practices in [...]

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