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42% Believe A Fitting Team Should Be Paid £1000-£1500 Per Week

Sorry for the radio silence. Getting used to being a Dad for the first time is a very tiring and time consuming thing. I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm getting used to a different day schedule while I'm on paternity leave, so hopefully I can get back to posting my own content [...]

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Who Are Garnalex?

Looks like we’re going to be hearing a lot more about a new company called Garnalex during the rest of 2019. Their website isn’t fully functioning yet, and their products are still in development. But there are some things we do know already. A company with a high achieving founder Garnalex is a new [...]

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How Much Should A Fitting Team Be Paid Per Week?

As Brits, we don't like to talk about money. We're taught that its unbecoming and rude. Well, bollocks to that. Money makes the world go round, whether we like that fact or not, and as our industry grapples with itself about a skills crisis, it's perhaps now time to ask ourselves: how much should [...]

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Customade Group Acquires Manufacturing Assets Of GBW Panels

Many have known about the misfortune to fall on GBW Panels of late. They had indeed gone into administration, but with little known about the future of the company, or any news to come out from them, there were a few question marks hanging around. Well now we know. They have been acquired by [...]

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Would You Manufacture And Sell More Recycled Fenestration Products?

Recycling is very much in the frame right now. Sorry. But it is, and as a sector we need to start getting used to the idea of recycling all that we use, and selling more fenestration products that are made in part, or whole of recycled materials. It's not the sexiest topic to talk [...]

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Your Gaskets Might Be Getting Dumped, Not Recycled

Earlier on today I was pointed to an article on page 100 of the latest digital edition of GGP Mag. It was an article by Danny Williams. He is the MD of Pioneer Trading. His article was about the industry and recycling, but shedding light on what may well be a huge problem. He [...]

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Searches For Triple Glazing Have Been On The Decline For A While

In a poll I conducted recently on DGB, the industry indicated that the chance for triple glazing has already been and gone. You can catch up with that poll and my analysis here. It's been a while though since I had a wander around Google Trends and looked at what people had been searching [...]

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Masco UK Window Group Is Put Up For Sale

A few days ago I wrote that the review period at Masco US to decide on what to do about it's UK window businesses was nearing it's end. You can catch up on that article here. Well, right on time, they have made a fresh announcement as to what their intentions are. Pursue Divestitures [...]

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It Might Be Time To Ditch Silicone For Sealing Windows And Doors

Think about how far our industry has come in the past decade or so. The energy efficiency of windows has gone through the roof. Doors are now a sexy purchase thanks to the composite door market and more creative PVCu offerings. General security standards are higher across the board. Homes are warmer and more [...]

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DGB Joins Instagram!

I've done it. I've finally given in and decided to create a DGB Instagram account. There is much I don't like about social media, and the insane vanity it has brought to the world. But, I have been told that there is a rather large glazing industry community on there, so it seems foolish [...]

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Nearly Three Quarters Believe Home Owners Should Pay More For Their Windows And Doors

In the latest of my running series of weekly polls, I have been asking you whether you think home owners should be paying more for their windows and doors. Last Monday night I launched a new week-long poll asking that question, and a week later we have a pretty definitive result. The poll and [...]

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How Our Industry’s Traded Companies Are Faring This Year

The fenestration industry isn't exactly littered with companies that are traded on the markets. But there are a few, and those few are key indicators as to the general health and outlook for the rest of the industry. So they are always worth a look. As we near the half point of the year [...]

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Masco Is Nearing The End Of It’s “Strategic Alternatives” Review Period

Back on March 1st, Masco in the US announced that it was to review "strategic alternatives" for it's window and cabinetry businesses, and that it was to be concluded by the end of June. You can read that article on the Masco website here. Well, we're in mid-June now, and if they're running on [...]

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Lets Be Honest, Its Not Good Out There

This week has been a good metaphor for the mood and state of the industry I think. Cloudy. Rainy. Gloomy. It certainly doesn't feel like summer, and there's no sign that it's actually on the way. The window industry I think feels a bit like that right now to be honest. And we should [...]

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Should Home Owners Pay More For Their New Windows And Doors?

In March I was taken by the team at Deceuninck UK to Belgium to tour their facilities. Their recycling infrastructure is superb, which I am writing about in another article. During my disucssions with those I went with, it was said that a house full of windows and doors would be sold at twice [...]

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