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Safestyle Fined Again & Court Update

The bad news continues to flow for embattled Safestyle UK this week as the BBC reported that the company has been handed a fine of £120,000. This time for aggressive sales tactics. This, and they also published a fresh court case update. The fine The report says that Sheffield Crown Court had found that [...]

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There’s A Crisis In Glass, And It’s Going To Get Worse

Those of you in the IGU and fabrication part of our industry will know very well right now that there is a rather serious glass crisis hitting the sector right now. Some companies are reporting huge glass price increases of anywhere from 10-25% and it's happening right now. So, what is the cause of [...]

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Safestyle Shares Drop Further Amid New Chairman Appointment

Things didn't get much better on the share price front for Safestyle UK on Friday last week as their share price fell a further 12% following on from a 20% drop the day before after yet another profit warning. This morning we have news of a new immediate Non-Executive Chairman appointment, namely Alan Lovell. [...]

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England Bow Out At The Semis, But We Have So Much To Be Proud Of!

No, football is not coming home this time around. England lost to Croatia 2-1 in extra time. However, unlike previous tournaments, although I am gutted, I am not left with the usual frustrations and anger towards our national team. I am hugely proud of what our young Lions have achieved in this tournament. A [...]

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Safestyle UK Shares Plummet Over 20% After Latest Trading Update

Embattled Safestyle UK issued another trading update this morning. The news was not good. The trading update Here is the statement in full from the company: Safestyle UK plc, the leading retailer and manufacturer of PVCu replacement windows and doors to the UK homeowner market, today issues an update on trading. Since the appointment [...]

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Floyd “Money” Mayweather Advertises For Love Windows

No, I'm not pulling your leg, that is the headline of this post and the video below, unless you've already seen it, will explain the rest: Unless I'm being fooled by a very good impersonator, that is indeed one of the all-time most successful boxers advertising new windows and doors for [...]

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Consequential Loss: Who Should Stump Up For It?

So, this one could get a bit spiky in the comments section. This post is all about consequential loss and who should have to stump up for the costs when something goes wrong. This has long been a topic on social media within the industry, but has reared it's head again in recent weeks [...]

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Could It Be Coming Home? Could It?!

I make no apology for writing a post that has nothing to do with double glazing. Last night England finally put their penalty shootout curse to rest with an intense 4-3 penalties victory over Columbia. In true England style, it was a game of hope, despair, frustration, anguish and eventually, pure elation. I sincerely [...]

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Enjoying The Hot Weather? Your PVCu Probably Isn’t

Just a warning, there is a football related post coming up next, so feel free to avoid DGB in the next day or so whilst I get England's stunning penalty shootout reaction off my chest! Much of the UK has been baking in recent weeks. In fact since May really. We have all had [...]

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70% Of DGB Traffic Is From Men, And That Highlights The Problem

Much has been made in recent months and years about the severe skills shortage facing our industry and wider construction. Much has also been made about the massive gender gap in the window and door industry. UK fenestration is still heavily male dominant in pretty much all aspects of the sector. This gap was [...]

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Whisper It Quietly, But England Might Have A Chance

Allow me to indulge in something non-window-industry related for a moment... I want to start off by offering Gareth Southgate an apology, not that he will be reading this at any point, but at the time he was appointed England manager, myself, and many others, were almost at despair. Not a big name, not [...]

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Spare A Thought For Your Fitters This Week

Consider for just a moment that it was snowing as late in the season as April. That’s two months ago. That’s a pretty short amount of time. It was a very long Winter for all of us. It did seem for a moment that it would never come to an end. Then, all of [...]

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A Healthy Brexit Debate From HEGLA

Bernhard Hoetger, CEO HEGLA discusses Brexit and Anglo-German trade relations: “As talks about Brexit continue to make headline news across both sides of The Channel, as a company with a global presence, HEGLA GmbH intends to reinforce its commitment and position of strength to allay any potential customer concerns.  Both Britain and Germany have [...]

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Introducing Fenestration Digital

You may have seen in the last week or so a brand new fenestration industry digital magazine drop into your inbox. It’s called Fenestration Digital, and it’s yet another signal of the direction that industry and trade media is going. In so many areas of life, we are all consuming our news and information [...]

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