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The 240/480 Hour Salt Spray Test Is Now A Joke

Carrying on the hardware theme on here, and picking up from a point I made in yesterday's post, I have come to the conclusion, as I am sure many others of you out there have, that the 240 hour salt spray test is now a total joke. Right now, the LockLock door handle from [...]

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Brisant Secure Hint At Expanding Entire Product Range

Something you may have noticed in a recent post published on DGB was a little teaser by Brisant Secure. The article in question is this one: The main news of the piece was the noble gesture of donating £5000 to GM Fundraising in honour of Brisant's LockLock handle surpassing 5000 hours in the salt [...]

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Why Window And Door Prices Won’t Be Coming Down Any Time Soon

The price of windows and doors, and the raw materials to make them have been on the rise for the last few years. And when the EU vote happened and the price of Sterling versus the Dollar and the Euro dropped, they went up further still. Many blamed frankly astronomical price increases on currency [...]

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UK Construction Week And FIT Show Issue “Promo Girl” Exhibitor Code

Pretty big news on the exhibition front on Tuesday, as UK Construction Week and FIT Show both announced brand new exhibitor codes and the use of "promo girls" on stands during the course of their exhibitions. We began with BBC News and their coverage of UK Construction Week's decision. Mainstream news Let me begin [...]

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Letter To The Editor: Deceuninck UK MD Rob McGlennon On Colour

I don't get many "letters to the editor" on DGB. But, like buses, you wait for one, then two come along at the same time. That's what happened yesterday. I was sent an article from the UK and Ireland MD of Deceuninck, Rob McGlennon, on the meteoric rise of colour and what the company [...]

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Letter To The Editor: REHAU Comments On Recycled Windows Debate

Last week I wrote a post posing the question: would you sell or make a fully recycled PVCu windows? I wrote it as the tide against plastic begins to turn and the window industry is starting to recognise that if it doesn't move in the right direction now, then it risks being mired in [...]

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VEKA Group To Build New PVCu Recycling Plant In The UK

VEKA, one of my companies to watch in 2018, has announced that it is to build from scratch a third PVCu recycling plant right here in the UK. More specifically, in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. In what will be another boost to UK manufacturing and job creation, it comes at a time when scrutiny on plastics [...]

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Mortgage Approvals Are Sliding, Good News For UK Glazing?

The UK housing markets has been a bit bumpy to say the least in the last 12-18 months. Well, when I say UK, I really mean London and the South East. The two most expensive areas to live in the country have suffered, with prices dropping around 10%. Whereas where I live, in West [...]

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97% Think The Window Industry Might Be Corrupt

I have been running a poll within one of my recent posts, asking people to vote on whether they believe the window and door industry is corrupt or not. You can catch up on that post, and take part in the poll here: The early numbers are in, and there's no other way to [...]

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Would You Sell Or Make A Fully Recycled PVCu Window?

Like it or not, the tide is turning against plastics. The word tide is apt here as it happens. The Sky News Ocean Rescue campaign has really brought it home the past 12 months about just how bad plastics are ruining our oceans around the planet. Some of the films they have made and [...]

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There Will Be More Big Window Industry Buyouts This Year

Last week we saw the major news that US-based Masonite, one of the largest door companies in the world, had bought the entirety of the DW3 Products Group from North Edge Capital in a deal worth around £70m. You can catch up on that news here. If you think that this will be the [...]

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My Goals For DGB In 2018

As promised in my January review, which you can read here, I said I would publish my goals for DGB during the course of 2018. After a record 2017 and an absolutely rip-roaring January, I have had to think carefully about what I want to achieve this year. So these are my own self-imposed [...]

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£5000 For 5000 Hours To GM Fundraising

This is a promoted article by Brisant Secure Brisant Secure have donated £5,000 to GM Fundraising, to celebrate the revolutionary Lock Lock door security handle surpassing an unprecedented 5,000 hour salt spray test. GM Fundraising has been the industry’s charity of choice over the years, raising over £1.8million in the process, with the aim [...]

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Finally, A Breakthrough With The On-Going An Illegal Use Of Low Sightline Heritage Units

This is a guest post by Colin Torley, Sales and Operations Director at the Saveheat Group I read with interest Dame Judith Hackitt’s interim report on the review of the building regulations, in particular the references to them “not being fit for purpose” and “confusing rules and a lack of enforcement leaving them open [...]

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Do You Believe That The Window And Door Industry Is Corrupt?

Conversation of late has been very much focused on society and it's morals. Be it harassment, gender equality, pay equality. The list goes on. There is very much a swing towards fighting things like tax evasion, tax avoidance, corruption. Society is pushing for a more transparent, accountable way of doing things. Like it or [...]

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