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Garnalex Reveals Name Of Its Brand New Aluminium Offering

As we creep closer to 2020 we're finding out more about Garnalex, the brand new aluminium systems company formed by industry pioneer Roger Hartshorn. We know they were going to be launching their brand new aluminium system, alongside an existing trade offerin. Well now we know what their brand new system is going to [...]

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Cowboy Customers: The Tale Of The Leafy Gutters

Welcome to the start of a new mini-series of posts in which I will tell the tales of nightmare customers that I have had the pleasure in dealing with during my 14 years in the window and door industry. It has been inspired purely through frustration at what seems to be a rising number [...]

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National Timber Group Acquires Cotswold Manufacturing

This is a circulated press release National Timber Group, the largest independent added-value timber distribution and processing group in the UK and parent of Arnold Laver, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the trade and assets of Cotswold Manufacturing Limited, to accelerate its growth and consolidate its position as the industry leader [...]

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Labour Pledge £60bn To Upgrade Energy Efficiency To 27m Homes

Over the weekend Labour announced a gigantic policy pledge. They want to spend £60bn upgrading the energy efficiency of 27m homes in the UK. Measures include double glazing, loft insulation and new heating systems. Sounds good doesn't it? All that money to throw at the window industry. But the more I look at the [...]

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A Year On From The SafeGlaze Implosion

We have travelled one full year since the collapse of SafeGlaze. A whirlwind of a story which threatened to upend one of the biggest national retailers and cause huge disruption to the landscape of the UK fenestration industry. It was a classic case of a company growing far too fast, being far too agressive, [...]

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Guest Post: Our Window Of Opportunity Is Now

“The future is ‘now’ for sustainability” article written recently by Windows Active editor, John Cowie, couldn’t have put it clearer. Now is the time for an injection of urgency when it comes to the world’s pursuit for sustainability. And our sector has an important role to play in leading the way, as buildings and construction [...]

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Masco US Confirms Sales Of UK Window Group

Masco US have released their 3rd quarter results, with the first apparent confirmation from the company that they have sold their UK window and door companies. Their full Q3 results can be read here. But from the release, this is key paragraph with regards to their UK fenestration industry exposure: We are pleased with [...]

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43% Say They Would Set Up A New Fenestration Company

In my most recent poll carried out on Twitter, I asked my followers whether they would, given the chance, set up a new fenestration company. I posed this question as we are now operating in quite different circumstances compared to only a decade ago. This was the result. Question and answer Here was the [...]

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Clayton Glass Acquires Global Glass

The Aperture Group is pleased to announce the sale of Global Glass to the award-winning and well established IGU manufacturer, Clayton Glass. With a 60-year history in the glass sector specifically, the company is well positioned to take the Global business forward. Matthew Mycock, CEO of the Aperture Group comments: “Since I joined Aperture [...]

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UAP Acquires Intelligent Hardware

UAP appear to be in an active expansion phase, with the announcement of their acquisition of Intelligent Hardware. This was the press release they issued: We are extremely pleased to announce that we have acquired Yorkshire-based internal door hardware company, Intelligent Hardware. This is an important addition to the UAP portfolio as we continue [...]

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Sunfold Systems Limited Have Appointed Administrators

A company which credits itself as "the first company to bring Folding Sliding Doors to the UK" has gone into administration. Sunfold Systems Limited was placed into administration on 10th October and becomes another casualty of an industry that appears to be abruptly shifting down the gears. Tough trading This is the notice published [...]

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Indigo Products Limited Have Appointed Administrators

In a notice posted to public information site The Gazette, it appears Indigo Products Limited have appointed Duff & Phelps Ltd as administrators. This is the notice that has been posted online and is freely available to view here: This follows after news of job losses at Zenith was reported earlier on this month. [...]

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Edgetech And Alan Fielder Announce Departure

Alan Fielder, Edgetech’s experienced Sales & Marketing Director, is leaving the company after twelve years. When Alan first joined the firm back in 2008, warm-edge technology was still in its infancy in the UK. Over the decade that followed, he was an integral part of the team that helped popularise it – to the [...]

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Who Would You Vote For In The Next General Election?

We have been talking about Brexit for more than three years now. Its been a long three years, which has felt much longer than that. We've had as much political turmoil in those three years than you would expect in three decades. Its fair to say we probably all have a politics hangover by [...]

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