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Interserve Fall Into Administration

Remember Carillion? Another huge Government contractor has gone into administration. This time round however there will be less disruption as the company has already been purchased by it's lenders in what is known as a pre-pack administration. Here are the details. Holding statement If you go to the Interserve website you get this holding [...]

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False Window Scrappage Schemes Still Being Advertised

Take a look at these tweets... These are tweets from people and companies that are continuing to promote false window scrappage schemes. I covered this earlier on this year, but the stream of fake news keeps on coming. For clarity, for any home owners who have found their way [...]

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Hypocrisy. Bias. Cliques. Establishment.

Consider this an open letter to the entire industry. After the events of the past week, I can see why 22% of our industry voted to say that they thought we had a worse reputation than MPs. People in glass houses On Tuesday the rumours about the fate of Synseal were put to bed [...]

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Leads2Trade Acquires CloudGlaze

There has been more than one big industry acquisition just recently, but one that might have slipped under the radar for a few of us happened in the digital space of our sector. On February 25th it was announced that Leads2Trade has acquired CloudGlaze. The statement This was the announcement published on the Leads2Trade [...]

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78% Believe The Industry Has A Better Reputation Than MPs

For a bit of fun, I tweeted a poll to my followers asking whether they thought MPs in Parliament had a better or worse reputation than the double glazing industry. Given the state of politics right now I thought that this might be a good time to see if our industry had managed to [...]

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Synseal Group Acquired By Aperture Trading Ltd

BREAKING INDUSTRY NEWS: Aperture Trading Ltd announces it has successfully completed an agreement to purchase the majority of Synseal Group’s trade and assets from administration for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition will safeguard more than 1000 jobs, secure supply to 1200 customers and allow the business to focus time and investment on areas which [...]

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Get Brexit Done, Then We Can Move On

Brexit. Will it happen on March 29th? Will it happen in three months time? Will it happen at all? Nothing, even at this incredibly late stage, is certain. What is clear in my own mind though is that we need it to happen, on time, so we can move on, close this chapter and [...]

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Masco Corporation: Explore Strategic Alternatives For Cabinetry And Window Businesses

There's a lot going on in our industry right now in the background. You wouldn't call it calm. That stormy outlook got a little rougher today as Masco Corporation, based in New York and owns the UK Window Group released an article on their global website explaining that they are going to "explore strategic [...]

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Some Companies Are Still Not Installing Lintels

Here's what happens when I go to a home visit for windows and doors and I don't see lintels: I quote for them. The last thing I want is our installers turning up on site to take out some old big windows and have the bricks above them start to come down. No good [...]

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The Safestyle Share Price Rally Is Fading

The rally in the share price of Safestyle is losing steam. After hovering near the 100p per share mark near the end of 2018, it looked as though those who ditched shares and sent them falling to the 30p mark had overdone it. After the SafeGlaze news was digested we saw a sustained drive [...]

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Low-Level Letter Boxes (Prohibition) Bill To Get Second Reading

Get ready to have to consider yet another variable when selling doors to home owners. The planned legislation to ban low-level letter boxes is about to get a second reading in Parliament. March The currently planned Brexit day isn't the only thing to be happening in March. The second reading of the bill is [...]

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Sentry Doors Partners With Cairngorm Capital To Accelerate Growth Strategy

We have acquisition news, and this time in the fire-doors part of the market which has been under intense scrutiny in recent months. Cairngorm Capital 2, part of the same stable as Cairngorm Capital, has acquired Sentry Doors who are based in Doncaster. The press release: Here is the statement issued by the company: [...]

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How Long Should You Wait To Get Paid?

When Carillion went bust in January of last year the shock waves were felt throughout all sectors of construction. This was a company that employed 43,000 people, had turnover of more than £5bn a year and had a stock market capitalisation of £1bn. They had all sorts of Government contracts , HS2, Crossrail, schools, [...]

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Flood-Resistant Doors Are Failing

In 2015 floods in Cumbria from Storm Desmond wreaked havoc on hundreds of homes. In response, the Government made available millions of pounds in order that home owners could claim grants of up to £5000 to help towards installing new defences for their properties. This included flood-resistant doors. On February 11th a story was [...]

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Our Industry Has To Take Leadership In Home Security

Unfortunately burglaries and car theft have reared their head in the media, both press and social, in recent days in what looks like a raising of the bar in the brazenness of home break-ins. This morning I saw on Facebook a post where a home had been broken into by burglars, confronted the home [...]

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