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2018 National Fenestration Awards Winners Announced

Monday 29th October to Friday 2nd November was Winners Week for the 2018 National Fenestration Awards campaign and was once again a highlight of the year for the industry. After 6 weeks of hard voting, superb campaigns by many finalists pushing for the industry for their votes, and indeed thousands of all important votes [...]

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The Damage When A Big Company Goes Under Is Huge

A while ago on this site I hypothesised the impacts of what would happen if a major company within our sector was to go to the wall. More than a week after the news that SafeGlaze has been placed into administration, the dust is still settling and the full impacts are even now only [...]

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Tougher Sentences For Companies Who Fail To Protect Workers – Warning

I don't normally publish press releases that are from non-advertisers as I get sent more than you can imagine and most are not pertinent to the discussions that are ongoing on DGB. However, I did get this one the other day from Bohle. Yes they are advertising their products as a solution to the [...]

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Open Letter: SafeGlaze UK Customers Need Guidance

This is an open letter to the Safestyle board, administrators of SafeGlaze UK Armstrong Watson and any other persons with remaining connections to the SafeGlaze company or management. The battle between Safestyle and SafeGlaze this year has been one of the industry's biggest talking points, which has dramatically come to a conclusion over the [...]

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SafeGlaze Enters Administration

It has been announced that NIAMAC DEVELOPMENTS LTD, trading as SafeGlaze UK, has gone into administration with the loss of 130 jobs. This comes after the news that they had struck a commercial deal with rivals Safestyle UK to end their dispute, which also saw previous owner Mitu Misra rejoin the company to aid [...]

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Better Capital Warned In August On Everest

In among the busy news flow that was Safestyle vs SafeGlaze, there was some news about another of the industry's big names, Everest. Better Capital, the investment fund behind the company, gave this update. Now, as far as business speak goes, the statements we get from Safestyle are backed fairly well with the usual [...]

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#NFA18 Voting Ends Tonight!

As if you needed reminding, this year’s voting in the National Fenestration Awards ends at 11pm tonight! We have had thousands of votes cast so far, and as expected, there is a flood of last minute votes coming through during these last few hours. At the time of writing this, many of the categories [...]

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Safestyle Share Price Rises A Staggering Near 70%

I know there has been a lot of Safestyle news on DGB in the past few weeks, and for good reason. But since the commercial deal struck with the owner of SafeGlaze announced on Monday, the response to Safestyle from investors has been remarkable. Something we could not have predicted just a few short [...]

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Safestyle UK Reaches Commercial Agreement With SafeGlaze UK

Over the weekend I was receiving messages from both sides as to the impending Safestyle UK/SafeGlaze UK deal, and as expected, I have been given the official press release stating so. These are the things we know, and fair to say, stock price reactions have been good. The statement Commercial Agreement Further to the [...]

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Safestyle Deny Safeglaze Takeover Rumours

The fenestration industry rumour mill is in fifth gear right now. Whispers of this, tales of that. One rumour to actually have been addressed today however is the trade speculation that Safestyle UK is to buy SafeGlaze UK. Could this story have any more twists and turns? Safestyle actually addressed the speculation earlier on [...]

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FIT Show 2019 Exhibitor’s Day Review

A little while ago I was kindly asked by the organisers of the FIT Show to come and attend the Exhibitor Day for the 2019 show. Today was that day, and these are my thoughts on what to expect from the next trade show, and what the biggest issues are going to be. Hint, [...]

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Yale Had Smart Lock Problems At The Weekend

Technology is a great thing is it not? It's allowing you to read this via your phone, tablet or laptop. You can order groceries to your door at a specific time and day. You can purchase almost any product online. You can chat to people around the world in real-time. It has made our [...]

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Aluminium Prices Fall Back, Is The Panic Over?

Remember not so long ago, when Donald Trump was handing out sanctions left right and centre? It was the sanctions on Russian companies, specifically the ones that make aluminium that caused a particularly worrisome spike in the cost of the industrial commodity. Something that had the aluminium window and door industry feeling rather uneasy [...]

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DGB Passes 1.5m Page Views

It doesn't seem that long ago before I was celebrating the symbolic landmark of DGB passing the million page views mark. You know me. I like my stats. They help tell the story of the progression and growth of something. Well, stuck in a whirlwind of work, it appears I have missed another major [...]

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This Is The Dire State Of The Skills Crisis

We all know how bad the situation is when it comes to skilled labour in our industry, and indeed the whole of the construction. Decades of neglect in the education system, with a severe lack of focus on trades both in schools and apprenticeships has led to a situation where all major sub-sectors of [...]

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Poll: Has Quality And Customer Service Been Better In 2018?

In 2017, product quality and customer service was one of the major talking points in the fenestration industry. Often you could browse social media and quickly find installers as well as fabricators complaining about the quality of product they were receiving, as well as poor customer service coming from their suppliers. This year, I [...]

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