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FIT Show Reverts To Annual Event

This is a sponsored article by FIT Show FIT Show organisers have announced the decision to revert the show to an annual proposition for the sector, with the next event set to take place at the NEC on May 12th, 13th & 14th 2020. FIT Show 2020 will occupy halls 2 & 3 at [...]

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DGB Launches Live FIT Show 2019 Coverage

Well, its finally FIT Show week, and exhibitors will be making their final last minute preparations today as the industry prepares to embark for the NEC on Tuesday morning. I cannot imagine how stressed some of the exhibitors will be. It seems there is always one or two companies cutting it majorly fine to [...]

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Four Seasons Home Improvements Of Exeter Goes Into Administration

It is being reported in the Devon Live website that Exeter-based Four Seasons Home Improvements has entered into administration. A statement on the Four Seasons Home Improvements website states: MOST RECOMMENDED LTD T/A FOUR SEASONS HOME IMPROVEMENTS ENTERED INTO LEGAL ADMINISTRATION ON 16/5/2019 ALL ENQUIRIES TO   CLIVE FORTIS AT ANTHONY BATTY & COMPANY LLP [...]

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Has Quality And Service Been Sacrificed For Shorter Lead Times?

In the past couple of years our industry has been quite vocal about it's problems with product quality and customer service. I remember the problems being quite acute in 2017 and 2018. I have written in previous posts about the need for us to tackle these two major problems as soon as possible. We [...]

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Two Thirds Believe Its Not Too Late To Resolve The Skills Crisis

Well ain't that a positive headline for a change! There's plenty to be moody and frustrated about in our industry right now, but in my latest poll it does seem that there remains some pretty solid optimism about being able to turn around the skills gap. Here's the results of that week long poll, [...]

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My Tips On How To Survive And Make The Most Of The FIT Show

This time next week the doors will open at the NEC in Birmingham for the 2019 FIT Show. It will be the single biggest gathering of companies and industry visitors in one room over the three days. There will be plenty to see in terms of products and people and will be your best [...]

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Why The Window Industry Can Never Go Back To White Windows

For the past few weeks I have been talking about the importance of new products and trends, such as colour, flush windows, timber look joints as the future of our industry. This is true, simply because home owners want that variety to be able to add character to their homes. White windows simply don’t [...]

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Is It Too Late To Turn Around The Skills And Youth Crisis?

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you will have seen that I have started a new poll. For this one, I want to know if the industry truly believes if we are able to turn around the skills and youth crisis. With the FIT Show coming up in a couple of [...]

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Two Weeks To The FIT Show, My Two Big Talking Points

Today marks two weeks in which the doors to FIT Show 2019 will open. For those three days it will be the industry’s biggest gathering of people. Crucially, it will be the biggest gathering of people with the power and influence to make changes where change is needed. For me, there are two major [...]

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55% Say Door-To-Door Sales And Telecanvassing Has To Stop

In another poll carried out on the DGB Twitter account, I asked people whether in a modern fenestration industry whether there was still a place for door-to-door selling and telecanvassing or not. Previous polls had been a bit of a landslide, but whilst there was still a clear winner on this one, it was [...]

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Does Cold-Calling And Door Canvassing Still Have A Place In Our Industry?

On Monday evening I launched my third Twitter poll. These are turning out to be working quite well. I have done these on the subjects of standard welds vs timber look joints on PVCu windows, and whether people believe triple glazing has already had it's best days. Click the links to catch yourself up [...]

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72% Believe Triple Glazing Has Already Had It’s Day

For those of you hoping that 2019 might be the year of triple glazing, my latest poll isn't going to make food good reading. In fact if any of you out there was hoping that the industry still had any faith in triple glazing then this poll isn't going to inspire you. According to [...]

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Five Things Disrupting The Window And Door Industry Right Now

Disruptors are the things or people doing and creating things that are changing the way a particular industry does things. For tech it was Apple with their iPods and iPhones. For cars its Tesla. For taxis its services like Uber and Lyft. These are companies and products that are either creating new industries or [...]

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71% Prefer Timber-Look Joints To Welds

A week-long poll I have been running on Twitter has come to an end with a definitive answer. The question asked was whether people preferred standard 45 degree welds on PVCu windows or timber look joints. This wasn't a debate about timber look joint welds versus true mechanical joints, that debate I will leave [...]

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