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Industry Sees A Mixed Bag for 2019 Outlook

At the start of the year I asked readers what their outlook was for 2019. A year which promised all sorts of challenges and obstacles, and not all of them Brexit. We're six weeks in now so it's a good time to look at the results and try to look forward and see what [...]

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Advertising Options Available On DGB

Lets be up front, your company is probably looking at increasing digital marketing in 2019, and I have a large number of advertising slots available on DGB to allow you to do that. Prices are the most competitive in the industry, and what you get for your money is far more comprehensive than anything [...]

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In A No-Deal Brexit, The Fenestration Industry Could See Supply Problems

There's just 50 days left until Brexit day, March 29th, and as it stands right now it still looks as though the UK is going to leave the EU without a divorce settlement in place. I'm not going to go into the political debate as to how we ended up here, it's too late [...]

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£500,000 For A New House, Cylinders That Can Be Snapped In Seconds

Most of us know the importance of providing a high quality cylinder with any new door purchase to a home owner. Doesn't matter if it's a £500 door or a £2000 door. There are enough options out there to provide at the very least anti-snap cylinders. Obviously the higher rated and more anti-everything the [...]

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Installers Should Be Able To Review Home Owners

Last week I wrote about the pitfalls of online review systems and the damage they can do to companies when false reviews, both negative and positive, are published online. You can catch up with that one here. In the article I explored how the online review system could be better vetted and monitored to [...]

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Bogus Scrappage Schemes Still Being Offered

There are a number of totally bogus selling methods out there in the window industry. We all know them. But during the recession a new one popped up that the usual suspects quickly grabbed hold of because it was at the forefront of the minds of consumers: scrappage schemes. Just to clarify, during the [...]

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2019 Has To Be The Year We Really Get Behind Recycling

2018 was easily the year where we saw the anti-plastic movement take hold. Bars and restaurants ditched plastic straws for paper ones. Sky News really plugged their Ocean Rescue campaign. People swam gargantuan lengths in the sea to highlight the issues of plastic pollution. There is no doubt that single-use plastics are doing immense [...]

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BREAKING: Glaston Corporation To Acquire Bystronic Glass

Helsinki (Finland) / Neuhausen-Hamberg (Germany), January 25th, 2019 Glaston Corporation has signed an agreement to acquire the Bystronic glass Group. The globally operating high-end machinery, systems and services provider for the processing of flat glass is currently owned by Swiss industrial holding company Conzzeta AG. Bystronic glass has a comprehensive range of products, highly [...]

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The Problems With Online Reviews

The online review is the digital interpretation of word of mouth recommendations. Google and Facebook are perhaps the most influential review platforms out there, and everyone who runs a business wants as many positive reviews from customers as possible. That is the desired scenario. Real life of course is very different, and people being [...]

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My Top 10 Companies To Watch In 2019

2019 is certainly going to be an interesting year for the UK window and door industry. The B-word is happening in March, the economy looks as though it's going to hit a rough patch. All this, whilst our industry continues to invest in new innovations, new products and big marketing campaigns. There will be [...]

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Q1 Might, Just Might, Not Be As Bad As I Thought

Just before the end of the year, I wrote about how I thought that the first quarter of this year could be a total car crash. I was basing my opinion on the conversations I was having with other key industry leaders, my own thoughts and predictions, as well as observations on the wider [...]

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2019 National Fenestration Awards Campaign Goes Live

After a well earned Christmas break, the National Fenestration Awards are back in what is now their seventh campaign. There’s plenty new to talk about! New categories The 2019 campaign launches with two new categories: Trade Counter and Recycling Company. Trade counters play an important role within UK fenestration, but have grown rapidly in [...]

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Panoramic Group Acquire Epwin Glass

It has been reported in recent days that Epwin Glass has been acquired by Panoramic Group for an undisclosed sum. This is the first major acquisition of 2019, and although we face a rocky few months, I would not rule out further mergers and deals in the coming months. The UK fenestration sector is [...]

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Ban On Low-Level Letterboxes Debated In Parliament Today

With Brexit and the dramatics playing out in Parliament in the past few days, you would be forgiven for thinking that there is no other political issue being talked about right now. But there is, and the size of the issue in all senses of the word could not be more opposite than Brexit. [...]

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