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What Is Your Preference On Flush Windows?

Flush windows are very much the hot thing right now. So hot in fact, that research done by MRA Research reported by Timberweld® has said that nearly half of fabricators expect to see flush-sash windows as becoming as important as standard casement windows in ten years. You can read that report here. Indeed at [...]

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Ways To Help Reverse Our Skills Shortage

By the time we got to April, I am sure many of us would have hoped we would have moved on to the next phase of the B-word and start to focus on other issues within our industry. I fear that the longer this goes on, the more it will consume our media viewing [...]

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Expect A Big “Made In Britain” Marketing Boost

In all honesty, I am absolutely beyond despair with the whole Brexit thing. Our Parliament is a joke from start to finish as is everyone in there. Had it been handled properly, we would not now see the grinding of the UK economy and parliamentary process which is taking up way too much time [...]

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The End Is Nigh For Standard PVCu Windows

I feel as though our industry is currently at an inflection point. A specific period of time where it is deciding on which direction it needs to take as a whole in order to remain relevant and attractive to itself and the general public. Indeed, our industry has gone through some quite extreme evolution [...]

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A House Full Of Windows Goes For Twice As Much In Belgium

That headline by the way is a very rough rule of thumb, and an answer to a question I put to my hosts during my visit to Belgium last week. So not scientific fact, but an answer from a guy with much more knowledge about the state of the window industry in that country [...]

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There Could Be A Huge Spending Boom Coming For Our Industry

Some of you may have seen on Twitter that I was kindly invited by the guys at MRA Marketing and Deceuninck on a trip to Belgium to visit their vast recycling facility in Diksmuide and their manufacturing plant in Gits. It's massive by the way. I will be writing more about that in the [...]

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Safestyle Report £16m Loss In 2018 Full Year Results

That headline doesn't sound good does it. A £16m loss is a bad result no matter who you are. But, you only need to look at the share price of Safestyle since the figures came out to see what the bigger picture tells us. This is my brief shakedown of the 2018 results for [...]

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Eurocell Announce Positive 2018 Full Year Results

It's the start of earnings season in the window and door industry, with the very largest companies, usually traded on the stock markets, begin to announce their 2018 full year results. Safestyle have announced theirs, which I will cover in another post this week, as have Deceuninck and Epwin. I shall be covering them [...]

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Female Employment In UK Construction Is Going Nowhere

Do any of you follow @NobleFrancis on Twitter? If not, you should. He's a fountain of knowledge and stats when it comes to UK construction. Go give him a follow if you're not. It's worth it. At the start of the week he tweeted some stats which caught my eye. Not in a good [...]

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We’re Killing Our Own Chances At Profitability

When the glass shortage was at it's peak in terms of media coverage last year, I spoke to a friend of mine at one of the biggest IGU suppliers round here about what has caused such a thing to happen. He went on to explain that issues such as float line closures and factory [...]

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Letter To The Editor: The Future Of Streamlined Production

This is a letter to the editor. Deceuninck are also sponsors of DGB. Dear Jason In the 35 years I’ve been in the industry, I’ve seen PVC-U manufacturing become more efficient, streamlined and lean. The principle of streamlined production is simple – removing unnecessary processes makes it more efficient and cost-effective. In practice it [...]

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Interserve Fall Into Administration

Remember Carillion? Another huge Government contractor has gone into administration. This time round however there will be less disruption as the company has already been purchased by it's lenders in what is known as a pre-pack administration. Here are the details. Holding statement If you go to the Interserve website you get this holding [...]

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False Window Scrappage Schemes Still Being Advertised

Take a look at these tweets... These are tweets from people and companies that are continuing to promote false window scrappage schemes. I covered this earlier on this year, but the stream of fake news keeps on coming. For clarity, for any home owners who have found their way [...]

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Hypocrisy. Bias. Cliques. Establishment.

Consider this an open letter to the entire industry. After the events of the past week, I can see why 22% of our industry voted to say that they thought we had a worse reputation than MPs. People in glass houses On Tuesday the rumours about the fate of Synseal were put to bed [...]

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Leads2Trade Acquires CloudGlaze

There has been more than one big industry acquisition just recently, but one that might have slipped under the radar for a few of us happened in the digital space of our sector. On February 25th it was announced that Leads2Trade has acquired CloudGlaze. The statement This was the announcement published on the Leads2Trade [...]

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78% Believe The Industry Has A Better Reputation Than MPs

For a bit of fun, I tweeted a poll to my followers asking whether they thought MPs in Parliament had a better or worse reputation than the double glazing industry. Given the state of politics right now I thought that this might be a good time to see if our industry had managed to [...]

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