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SafeGlaze Creditors Owed & Ex-Safestyle Co-Founder Loses Court Battle

SafeGlaze UK and Safestyle UK were companies that dominated the industry news in a big way in 2018. The former now doesn't exist, but that still doesn't stop the business from making news. Last week we had news stemming from both companies breaking on the local paper the Telegraph & Argus. Here's the key [...]

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How Bullet Proof Glass Was Tested Back In The Day

Nothing too taxing for your weekend reading. I saw this video on Friday and thought it was worth sharing with you lovely people. We're all aware of the role health and safety measures play in daily life. They're designed to make the work place safer. There is no doubt that working in 2019 is [...]

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Thousands Of Failed Fire Doors Installed Still Being Used

The other day I wrote how the resumption of the Grenfell Inquiry would be one of the moments of the year. Well, an offshoot of that inquiry has come back into focus this week as it has been revealed that at least 25,000 fire doors fitted into social housing are the very ones used [...]

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Are Break-Ins On The Increase?

Christmas is always a time in which see a rise in burglaries. A symptom of the time of year unfortunately, which is always more frustrating and angering considering the time of year. In the run up to last Christmas though, I felt as though we had much more than normal We always have call [...]

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5 Big Industry Moments Coming In 2019

Yesterday it was my top 5 products to watch in 2019, which you can read by clicking here. Today I want to look at 5 big moments that will happen to the window industry this year and what effects they could have. These moments could be singular one-day things, moments that span a number [...]

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My Top 5 Products To Watch In 2019

We're all properly back to work now after the Christmas break. I imagine many of us are slowly getting back into some sort of gear, although the dark mornings and dark nights are just as uninspiring as they were pre-Christmas. Still, it's the start of a new year, so it seems like a very [...]

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Ignore The Future At Your Peril

A friend of mine pointed me to a long but very worthwhile read on Facebook the other day that got me thinking. It's worth a few a minutes of your time, and you can read the full post here: The article, in short, explains how many industries, if not all industries, are at the [...]

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Why I Believe A No-Deal Brexit Is Most Likely At This Time

I've tried to stay away from this subject, because you know, everyone is sick to the back teeth of it now, no matter how you voted. I do however have my helmet on as it's almost lethal these days to have an opinion about anything on the internet these days. We're only 86 days [...]

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Q1 Of 2019 Could Be A Total Car Crash

I know we're all nearly done for Christmas, and I promise I'll get more festive in my next posts, but there is something important to address and that is the imminent first quarter of 2019. Not to sound dramatic or anything, but the first three months of next year could be an absolute car [...]

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Acquisition: Premier Conservatory Supplies Acquires Scottish Manufacturing Plant

This article contains a circulated press release from Premier Conservatory Supplies Just when you thought we were headed for a sleepy end to the year, we get the news of another industry acquisition. This one should be the last one of the year. It is only a week to Christmas! The statement Here is [...]

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Safestyle Issues First Trading Update After Their Commercial Agreement

Safestyle UK have issued their first trading update since their October Commercial Agreement with Safeglaze. This is the first test for the company as they seek to recover lost ground this year. The update Here is the text of the update as published on their PLC website: Safestyle UK plc, the leading retailer and manufacturer of [...]

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10 Companies Who Made Their Mark In 2018

As we look towards 2019 and the plethora of events that could shape the year to come, I want to take a look back at the companies who made their mark in the window and door industry this year. This is a list of ten, and although numbered 1-10, is not a measure of [...]

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Letter To The Editor: Protecting Intellectual Property

This is a guest article by Alan Burgess of Timberweld® Dear Jason, The industry has a mixed record of respecting intellectual property (IP). We’ve probably all seen cases of copying (ranging from accidental infringement to blatant copying and theft) of innovations, product design and brands. Common infringements range from using images and brochures without permission, [...]

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