EU Referendum

A No-Deal Brexit Is Now Most Likely

As it stands right now, a no-deal Brexit is looking like the most likely outcome. Despite Boris Johnson saying he would attempt to seek a new deal which removed the Irish backstop arrangement which no one was a fan of, both sides appear now to be locked into a stubborn game of bluff. No [...]

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Construction Industry Suppliers Are Prepared For Brexit

This is a sponsored article by MRA Marketing As part of a larger survey which included merchants and other construction industry stakeholders, MRA Research, the specialist research division of MRA Marketing, asked building and home improvement product suppliers what they thought the impact of Brexit would be on the UK, the building industry and [...]

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6 Month Delay To Brexit, Nightmare For Businesses

So, as expected, the Brexit can has once again been kicked firmly down the road as Parliament found it impossible to decide on precisely no way forwards in any direction on Brexit. May went to the EU council on April 10th to ask for an extension, and she swiftly got one until October 31st [...]

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There Could Be A Huge Spending Boom Coming For Our Industry

Some of you may have seen on Twitter that I was kindly invited by the guys at MRA Marketing and Deceuninck on a trip to Belgium to visit their vast recycling facility in Diksmuide and their manufacturing plant in Gits. It's massive by the way. I will be writing more about that in the [...]

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Brexit Day Delayed – What Happens Next?

I fully appreciate that by the time this is published the goal posts on Brexit will have been moved again. Right now MPs are debating as to whether the House should vote to take away the Brexit process out of the hands of the Government and into the hands of Parliament. Something that hasn't [...]

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Brexit Delay Inevitable After PM’s Deal Voted Down, Again

It's beginning to sound disingenuous when we say it has been another dramatic day in Parliament and the whole Brexit process. We have been here so many times before. A vote planned, a vote delayed. A vote held, a vote defeated - heavily. Another vote planned, another vote delayed. Another vote held, another major [...]

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Get Brexit Done, Then We Can Move On

Brexit. Will it happen on March 29th? Will it happen in three months time? Will it happen at all? Nothing, even at this incredibly late stage, is certain. What is clear in my own mind though is that we need it to happen, on time, so we can move on, close this chapter and [...]

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In A No-Deal Brexit, The Fenestration Industry Could See Supply Problems

There's just 50 days left until Brexit day, March 29th, and as it stands right now it still looks as though the UK is going to leave the EU without a divorce settlement in place. I'm not going to go into the political debate as to how we ended up here, it's too late [...]

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Why I Believe A No-Deal Brexit Is Most Likely At This Time

I've tried to stay away from this subject, because you know, everyone is sick to the back teeth of it now, no matter how you voted. I do however have my helmet on as it's almost lethal these days to have an opinion about anything on the internet these days. We're only 86 days [...]

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Brexit Should Be A Chance To Boost Made In Britain

I dare not write anything else about Brexit. It's nearly the end of the year, Christmas is around the corner and I think most of us are now sick to death of the B-word. But, hear me out. It was this tweet reply to today's post which inspired this one. This was the tweet: [...]

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DGB Brexit: The Interviews – Rob McGlennon, Deceuninck UK Managing Director

As we head towards the end of the year and closer to Brexit day, which is March 29th 2019, as if you needed reminding, I am happy to bring you a fourth exclusive interview as part of my special series: DGB Brexit - The Interviews. This week I am happy to bring you comment [...]

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DGB Brexit: The Interviews – Roy Frost, CEO Lister Trade Frames

As we continue our countdown to Brexit day, which is 29th March 2019 just in case you needed reminding, I continue my series of special guest interviews with business leaders from our industry. Two have already been published, and you can catch up with those by exploring the Brexit section of DGB: The third [...]

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DGB Brexit: The Interviews – Neil Evans, Sales Director VEKA Group

Following on from the first DGB Brexit: The Interviews piece by Joe Martoccia, I am pleased to say that Neil Evans, Sales Director at VEKA Group has agreed to take part in this special series of posts. The same ten questions, his unique answers. Read, digest and discuss in the comments section below. Neil [...]

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DGB Brexit: The Interviews – Joe Martoccia, CEO Aluminium Shapes Ltd

DGB Brexit: The Interviews is a special series of written interviews with business leaders across the UK fenestration sector about the single most important issue to date: Brexit. As we head towards March 29th, Brexit day, I will be publishing a series of special interviews with business owners and leaders from all parts of [...]

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DGB Brexit: The Interviews

It's 6 months to go until B-Day, the day Britain leaves the political union that is the EU. Remember, you can't actually leave a continent. Since the EU Referendum over two years ago I have been collating a special collection of Brexit-related posts and article, which can be found by clicking here. It's a [...]

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A Healthy Brexit Debate From HEGLA

Bernhard Hoetger, CEO HEGLA discusses Brexit and Anglo-German trade relations: “As talks about Brexit continue to make headline news across both sides of The Channel, as a company with a global presence, HEGLA GmbH intends to reinforce its commitment and position of strength to allay any potential customer concerns.  Both Britain and Germany have [...]

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