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Heathrow Airport Set To Secure Supply Chain For Its Ongoing Noise Insulation Programme At FIT Show 2019

This is a sponsored article by FIT Show The FIT Show is pleased to welcome Heathrow Airport for the first time – as the airport will utilise the event as a platform to secure key elements of its supply chain to deliver its ongoing ‘Heathrow Quieter Homes Scheme’. The scheme, designed to make noise attenuation [...]

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FIT Show TV Open For Submissions, Says Main Sponsor Timberweld®

This is a sponsored article by FIT Show & Timberweld® It’s widely expected that 2019 will be the year of the flush sash, so it’s appropriate that Timberweld® is the main sponsor of FIT Show TV. Timberweld® is the patented method of jointing that makes perfect corners, and creates a butt-joint effect outside and inside [...]

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FIT Show 2019 Exhibitor’s Day Review

A little while ago I was kindly asked by the organisers of the FIT Show to come and attend the Exhibitor Day for the 2019 show. Today was that day, and these are my thoughts on what to expect from the next trade show, and what the biggest issues are going to be. Hint, [...]

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10 Topics I Want To See Discussed At FiT Show 2019

Next year's FiT Show is the biggest meeting of the industry's people, companies and those with power to make changes. It is the single most important three days in our calendar and therefore is the three most important days in which to enact those changes and tackle some of the biggest problems our sector [...]

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Flat Glass Industry Throws its Weight Behind Visit Glass

This is a sponsored article by FIT Show The flat glass industry is throwing its weight behind FIT Show’s newest event feature, with a number of key brands signing up for Visit Glass in recent weeks. Dubbed FIT Show’s ‘show within a show’, Visit Glass is brand new for 2019 and will provide a [...]

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Timber! FIT Show Sees Influx of Brands For 2019 Exhibition

This is a sponsored article by FIT Show FIT Show, the UK’s only dedicated event for the glass and glazing industry, has reported a growth in the number of timber brands signing up for its 2019 exhibition. Alongside the likes of Bereco, who have made big efforts to broaden its product offering to include [...]

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The Five Big Issues To Tackle At FIT Show 2019

As you may have seen on the DGB home page, I have now added a dedicated section for the 2019 FIT Show, along with a countdown clock. Everyone loves one of those. The UK fenestration industry is facing a number of fundamental problems right now. And I think in some quarters it's fair to [...]

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Two Things That Need To Happen At FIT Show 2019

Some big news came from the FIT Show yesterday, in the form of a new ownership structure at the company. You can catch up on that article here. This post is not about that. This post is about two main things I want to see at the 2019 exhibition. First, no more promo girls, [...]

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FIT Show Strengthens For The Future

This is a press release from the FIT Show FIT Events Ltd, organiser of the highly successful FIT Show, has announced changes in its shareholding structure. Angus Montgomery Ltd, which has been organising events globally since 1895, has become the majority shareholder. Co-founders Matthew Glover and Paul Godwin remain shareholders and directors of the [...]

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FIT Show 2017: My Full Review

The FIT Show is over for another year, and there definitely won't be another one until 2019. The stands have been packed down. Sore feet have been rested. The hangovers have been cleared. We're all back to doing our day jobs. I have already posted daily reviews of the exhibition. You can catch up [...]

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FIT Show 2017: Day Three Review

Day three of the 2017 FIT Show has come to an end, and it leaves us with a very long list of topics that the industry will need to tackle over the coming years. I'll cover these issues in depth in further posts, there's plenty of them. But here is my quick review of [...]

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FIT Show 2017: Day Two Review

Welcome to your Day Two FIT Show 2017 review. Yesterdays was 1254 words long. I promise I'll try to keep this as concise as possible! By far the busiest day I turned up to the NEC for the second day of the 2017 FIT Show and it was visibly busier in the foyer and [...]

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FIT Show 2017: Day One Review

Day One of the 2017 FIT Show has come to an end, welcome to your official DGB FIT Show 2017 day one review. Lots to talk about, so I'll try and keep it brief and save the big detail for the major review at the end of the week. Impressive stand design Starting on [...]

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DGB FIT Show 2017 LIVE Page Launches

The FIT Show 2017 live page on DGB has launched, and will be one of the best places to keep up to date with all the major announcements, product news and general industry discussion if you're not able to attend the show this year. This year's exhibition is being billed as the industry's biggest, [...]

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Three Things I’ll Be Looking Out For At The FIT Show

There's just two weeks until the 2017 FIT Show doors open, and I am sure those visiting will be starting to think about some specific things they want to see whilst they are there. That includes myself. I shall be there for the three days, covering as much as I can, seeing as much [...]

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