Review: July 2017

Can you believe we're already in the school summer holidays? It's difficult to think we're already way past the half way mark in the year, and some installers are even looking at their installation schedules and seeing that there isn't much time left before the end of the year before they're full. Madness! So [...]

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FIT Show 2017: My Full Review

The FIT Show is over for another year, and there definitely won't be another one until 2019. The stands have been packed down. Sore feet have been rested. The hangovers have been cleared. We're all back to doing our day jobs. I have already posted daily reviews of the exhibition. You can catch up [...]

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Review: White Gold S1 Ep 1

Slap bang in the middle of the FIT Show, White Gold, the BBC2 drama/comedy about a double glazing company in 1983 aired at 10pm on Wednesday. The trailers looked good, and promised a well written, slickly produced, funny and potentially uncomfortable watch for us in the industry, and generally good viewing for everyone else. [...]

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Review: February 2017

Normally, February can still be a quiet month in the world of windows. It's still cold weather wise. Home owners are still paying off debts racked up over Christmas. The thought of new windows and doors isn't the most appealing at this time. Still, there was plenty to talk about this February, including acquisitions, [...]

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DGB Performance In 2016 vs 2015

2016 was another great year for this website. I work hard to ensure that there is enough decent content on here that I hope is useful, insightful and generally worth taking a few minutes out of your day to read. My analysis of DGB's stats is proof to me that my hard work pays [...]

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