Climate Change…Wait, Don’t Click Off! This Is Important…

At the start of this week, the UN published a rather damning report about the world's climate. It warns that without immediate and massive action, the world is going to suffer from more and more extreme weather events. Events that are going to cause mass damage to the planet, and worse, death. And these effects [...]

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Unprecedented Floods Mean Misery For Thousands

It seems hard to believe that we're still talking about the floods in the south of the UK in the second week in February, but talk about it we are. We have all seen for ourselves on television and the internet the absolutely devastating pictures of flooding in the south of the UK. The new [...]

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Storm Proofing A Home

They said we were in for some exceptional weather in the coming days, and they weren't far off. Over the past few days we have all seen some truly astounding pictures of the power of the sea and the weather. Hundreds more homes have been flooded again in the past few days and the nation's [...]

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A Long Cold Winter Ahead…Possibly

Among the many sad little interests I have, weather is one of them. I was wandering about online the other day in search of Winter forecasts, trying to find out what this coming Winter might bring. Now the news is both good and bad, depending on your opinion of Winter. If you like the snow [...]

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Devastating Tornado Ravages Oklahoma

When it comes to massive weather events, I have always given them a special mention on here. I know it's nothing to do with our industry, but at times of massive destruction, I feel that is has to commented on. For those of you who were up late last night, and for everyone else waking [...]

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As confirmed by FENSA last week, the first quarter of this year saw a fairly significant drop in new window and door installations. Almost all of it certainly due to the poor weather. Yes there will be a few that bucked that trend, but on a national scale, Q1 was bloody hard work! However, I [...]

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FENSA Confirms Poor Start To The Year

Well, it's not as if we needed any confirmation because I think we all knew this anyway, but @FenNews announced earlier today that the latest FENSA figures show a pretty poor first quarter of 2013. In their report, which can be found here: FENSA explains that residential window and door installations in the first quarter of [...]

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Snow Day!

As you would expect, much of the talk today has been about the weather. Snow has brought much the UK to a standstill over the last few days, with anywhere north of the home counties getting a good dose of the white stuff last night and this morning. It has made getting into work difficult. [...]

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