Often out of times of difficulty, great new ideas are born. Fenex would fit nicely into that. For those who may not yet know, Fenex is the industry’s first ever virtual exhibition.

Utilizing one of the most advanced virtual expo platforms available, combined with the creative and marketing expertise of Motionlab, who have proven themselves time after time in this sector and outside it, Fenex is going to bring to the fenestration sector a revolution.

With the main Fenex event in April, bolstered by four sector-specific shows throughout the next 12 months, Fenex is bringing to fenestration a whole new platform in from which to reach out to new customers. Crucially, unlike other shows and events, Fenex will cover not only trade, but installers, architects and specifiers too, with the show set to attract major traffic from the general public. Something unseen for fenestration trade shows until now.

So why should you exhibit at Fenex?

1. Preserve your time

The beauty with Fenex is that every element is designed to save you time. This is perhaps the most important commodity right now across the supply chain as the sector grapples with incredibly high demand. Fenex is a digital platform that is out-of-the-box, ready to go. The stands are already there waiting for you, no assembly required! There is a super-simple user interface that allows for exhibitors to upload their desired content to their stands, whether its videos, PDFs, brochures etc. The chances are most exhibitors will already have content suitable for use on their stands, so won’t need to spend the time creating new content.

As Fenex is digital, and multi-device ready, both exhibitors and visitors can participate and visit the events whether they are working from home or in the office, and across all devices. Time is precious right now, and few can afford to take a number of days off out of the office in person right now. Fenex gives all parties the perfect platform in which to take part and visit an event whilst at work. The future of fenestration is time-efficient.

2. Out-of-the-box ready

There are no stands to build with Fenex. Your stands are ready to go. No time-consuming builds and disassembly. Exhibitors load their content safely from home or at the office, and that’s it. Ready to go and interact with thousands of prospective new customers

3. Maximise productivity

Because Fenex is an online event, this allows all those taking part, whether visiting or exhibiting to visit multiple times a day, whilst being at work at the same time. During such high demand as we’re facing right now, our industry can ill-afford to take days, if not a full week out of packed schedules. Fenex allows the industry to launch brand new products and discover what is new, all whilst being at work. Fenex will allow businesses and visitors to maximise both their time at the show and their working days.

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4. Brand new product launches

No matter the circumstances, our industry continues to innovate at pace. Our industry continues to create and bring to market brand new products and services all designed to reveal new revenue streams and make things easier for customers up and down the supply chain.

Fenex provides the perfect platform in which to launch a brand new product or service. With sophisticated targeting of traffic and easy access to thousands of key people at any time of day on any device, Fenex is going to be the place people come to first to see what is new in fenestration. Get ready to see what some of the sector’s leading brands have planned!

5. Meet key people

Virtual exhibitions get you in front of the key people you need to meet. The evidence is clear:

  • 81% of attendees have buying authority
  • 30% of visitors are more likely to speak to a person via a digital booth
  • Nearly half (47%) of visitors are more likely to ask questions at a virtual exhibition
  • Virtual exhibitions are global – meet key people not only from your domestic market but your global market too

We know that return on investment is key with any show, which is why Fenex is going to put exhibitors in front of the people they need to meet. Creating genuine leads and increasing business for exhibitors.

6. Cost-effective

The future of fenestration is a cost-effective one. Fenex, being a digital platform, is a low-overheads, widely accessible platform making it a trade show that is truly open to all. Without having to invest huge sums of money, time and staff, Fenex will bring to fenestration a platform that is all-inclusive across the entire supply chain. This will free up budgets for companies to expand their wider marketing strategies whilst still being able to make the most of their time at the show.

Fenex is the future of fenestration and is going to change the sector. To find out more about Fenex and the first show in November, the Windows, Doors & Hardware Expo, please go to www.fenex.co.uk, call 01924 911234 or follow on social media; Twitter: @FENEX_2021, Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fenex-2021, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FENEX2021

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