After a break from the end of last year, we’re proud to say that the regular FENEX virtual pub live streams are back as of this coming Friday!

The live streams became popular after myself and Lee Clarke (Fenestration Digital/FENEX) began at the start of lockdown in 2020 when Periscope (owned by Twitter) was still a thing.

We started them as a way to connect the industry whilst everyone was still stuck indoors. It grew quite popular quite quickly and we did them every Friday evening with some drinks to hand and the topics of discussion ranged from window industry things to literally everything else! We gathered a decent and loyal gathering and we continued them all the way through 2021.

Seen as though we had garnered ourselves a good audience for it, we migrated it over to YouTube and Facebook, which were more stable live streaming platforms, added an intro and used the FENEX channels to host them. Over the years it has become a key watch for many on a Friday evening, and we’re excited to be bringing them back.

The first one for 2022 starts this Friday, 29th April at 7:30pm. We have moved the start time half an hour earlier than previous ones owing to the fact I now have two children and if we start at 8pm I can guarantee I will be yawning before we see 9pm!

You will be able to find the live stream via the FENEX Facebook and YouTube channels:



Be sure to like, follow and subscribe to both as you will get a notification when we go live.

Given the news flow over the last few months within our industry, there will be A LOT to talk about. But we try and keep it lighthearted for a Friday evening and we do veer off-topic onto other subjects, as well as chipping in with some terrible jokes and some banter at the host’s expense! It’s a good watch and we hope we will see you all in the comments section adding to the debate and discussion.

Grab your drinks and we’ll see you on Friday night!

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