This is a sponsored article by Solidor

At the same time as launching the new handmade Jo Downs Glass Collection, Solidor are also adding a new and exclusive Art Deco glass range that’s been inspired by the architectural influences of the early 20th Century.

This new glass range will provide trade partners with a genuine point of differentiation, something that will also resonate with style conscious consumers looking for a unique new entrance door. There are four different glass designs in this new range, namely Fairmount, Paramount, Tate and Wiltern that are available in the Flint 4, Ludlow 2 and Beeston door designs from Solidor.

There is also a further glass design which is a combination of an Art Deco unit with Jo Downs handmade tiles fitted, called ‘Vogue’. All of the new glass options and ranges can be viewed on the Door Designer and are also available through the online ordering portal of Solidor Cloud 2.0, which now offers order tracking.

Gareth Busson, head of sales and marketing for Solidor Group commented: ‘At the same time as the launch of our Jo Downs Collection we’ve also introduced an Art Deco range of glass options which we have designed in house and, as a result, are Solidor exclusives. We continue to invest in new products that further set us apart and also in the way in which we promote the Solidor brand.

He continued: ‘These new glass designs will inspire consumers and help generate better margins. They will also be on show at the FIT Show, so everyone can see the real point of differentiation and quality of these distinctive and exclusive glass units.’

For further information about the Art Deco range and exclusive Jo Downs Collection, call 01782 847300 or e-mail [email protected] You can also find out further information online at and can add to their following on Twitter @solidor.

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