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About Premier Arches:

Founded in 2015 by brothers Sean, Dan & Tom, Premier Arches are an arched, angled and awkward window & door manufacturer based in St Helens, Merseyside.With nationwide coverage, we supply fabricators, trade counters and installers with arched, angled and difficult to manufacture windows and doors that cause upset and disruption to standard factory production lines.Supplying to some of the biggest fenestration businesses in the UK with some of the mostchallenging products, we stand out from others by sticking to three simple principles:

1. Exceptional manufacturing quality – we simply refuse to send products to our customers that are not manufactured to an exceptional quality. This outlook is not only led by our founders Sean, Dan & Tom but is also engrained culturally through the entire manufacturingteam of 20 skilled professionals.

2. Clear, honest customer service – we are always honest & upfront with our customers. We manufacture very bespoke technically challenging products and occasionally things will not go exactly to plan. If there’s a problem with your order or something you should know, we’lltell you.

3. A ‘Make Life Easier’ Offering – we aim to make the complicated world of arched & angled frames simple for our customers. From a slick online pricing & ordering platform to a fully manufactured & glazed offering in most of the major window & door brands, our mission is to make complicated frames a simpler and pain-free process for our customers.

Contact Premier Arches:

Tel: 01744 451846

Email: info@premierarches.co.uk

Web: www.premierarches.co.uk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PremierArches

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PremierArches/

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