Welcome to your FiT Show 2014 live page, covering the build up the the main industry event in the UK fenestration calendar, and of course the main event when it kicks off on Tuesday 10th June. Here are some key points about the event:

  • FiT Show 2014 is the second exhibition, after the inaugural event in 2013. There won’t be another FiT Show until 2016
  • Show held at the Telford International Centre for a second time
  • With over 5800 visitors last year, organisers will be hoping to exceed that number this year
  • The show is held over 3 days: Tuesday 10th June, Wednesday 11th June and Thursday 12th June
  • The showpiece Gala Dinner is held on the Wednesday evening, with hundreds attending
  • Over 150 exhibitors are taking part this year

This live page will cover all the build up, gauging reaction from those taking part, and pulling in Tweets and images as exhibitor start to arrive at the Telford International Centre in preparation for doors to open on Tuesday morning. This will be your best place to keep up to date with what’s going on if you’re not able to visit or exhibit. And of course, there will be some of my own opinions thrown into the mix for good measure too!

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