November was the month where we managed to fill our fitting schedules for the year and started to look to fill up January of next year. We had more leads in November than we did in the previous month, which sort of goes against the natural slowing progression of the industry at this time of year.

Weather wise November was a weird one. It started of pretty mild with temperatures above average, which may have helped us business wise. But as we came to the end of the month it became (and still is) bitterly cold, with the earliest widespread snowfall for 17 years. There is only one result this brings to the window industry: silence! Throughout November we saw leads healthy, but as the temperature dropped, so did the leads. We are now in pure December territory where things are winding down and companies start preparing for next year.

Personally I had a good month for conversion rates, 58%, which should go up to anywhere between 64-74% over the next few days or so. Revenues were roughly the same as last year. November and December last year we saw an unusual pick in in business, so it might be difficult to top last years figures, but I’ll give it my best!