So 2012 is going to go down as yet another year where we have had NO SUMMER whatsoever! A couple of weeks in April and that was it, record rainfall and very little sunshine! Totally rubbish. But while all our Vitamin D levels suffer, is all this rain necessarily a bad thing when it comes to windows and doors?

The wet months, consisting of April, May and June have all seen above average sales and a general busyness not seen in the past few years. Obviously I can’t put all that down to the crap weather, that would be far too a fantastic claim. But I think it would be safe to say that out of the many house fulls of windows and doors, one or two might have come by way of the poor weather finally pushing people into taking action.

One observation I have noticed is that there seems to be less people coming into the showroom. Just like with normal high street shopping, whenever the weather is bad, it really does put people off stepping outside and going into store. Due to this, we have noticed more email inquiries coming through as people have been sat at their laptops in their homes rather than venturing outside.

This sort of weather really does put our products to the test. It is also a test of our fitter’s capabilities. Conservatories for example. Roofs fitted correctly should stand up against this bad weather. They are tested to conditions more extreme than even this weather has thrown up, so installed properly should hold up quite well. Up to press, I am happy to say that throughout all this awful weather, I can’t think of any remedial calls that are down to the bad weather.

All that said, I think I can confidently say that just about every single one of us is hoping for some sunny and dry weather sooner rather than later. We all understand that the British weather is relatively poor, but this is exceptionally poor and the sooner we get some dry weather the better!