Much of England and Wales has woken up to yet more heavy and torrential rain. Like we really needed more of the wet stuff!

April was the wettest April on record, which began in 1910, after just weeks before a drought being declared and hosepipe bans in many areas. Then June just gone was also the wettest June since 1910. So no drought then.

Of course, weather like this plays havoc with fitting schedules. We had to cancel a couple of jobs this morning as the weather was just impossible to work with. One customer was very understanding and could see the rain was far too heavy to allow us to start and do a good job. The other customer however wasn’t. Our fitters rang the customer to say that the weather was just too bad to start today and that we would have to rearrange for the start of next week. Well, this just wasn’t good enough according to the customer. So our fitters stood outside in the rain while the customer stood under an umbrella saying to our fitters that it isn’t that bad and that it wasn’t good enough. Then, right on cue, a massive flash of lightning and a huge clap of thunder reinforced our lads’ point about the weather not being good enough to work through. So the customer backed down. Though this still didn’t stop them ringing the office to complain again! You just can’t win with some people!

My brother recorded the weather this morning. Look out for the flashes and the rather extreme thunder!

[youtube_video id=”i_OOHyM0Tc0″]

The one at the beginning was the loudest we could record, we missed the other loud ones!

We don’t usually get weather like this in a morning. And very rarely thunder which shakes the windows. Last time it did that I was in Menorca and was slap bang in the middle of a massive electrical storm with fork lightning .

It seems to have stopped for a little bit now. But the skies remain dark so I think we could get some more before the day is out!