Conservation areas are a No Go zone for most window companies. Their windows are rejected by Planners. With over 8,000 conservation areas across the UK and a further 150 or so new areas added every year, it’s a growing problem. That’s why Residence 9 (R9) is growing fast. Its authentic looks and outstanding performance are designed for conservation areas.

R9, the super-premium composite window system, is designed to match the drawings found in Article 4 directions, the Planner’s bible for conservation areas. It’s what Planners use when deciding if windows look authentic or not. The directions focus on the look of the windows and how they work, not the material.

Dan Gill, MD of Systems Company, The Residence Collection and designer of R9, says: “I spotted a gap in the market for high performing windows in areas restricted by conservation rules. Planners refer to Article 4 directions which set out the dimensions and detailing of how windows should look. They don’t specify what they’re made of. Using these specifications, I designed Residence 9 windows, ‘the way they’re meant to be’.”

R9 is foiled inside and out, and with a range of 42 colour combinations in stock, homeowners select the colour combinations, inside and out that sets off their home to advantage. R9 is a beautiful window, flush outside with equal sightlines and mechanical jointing; decorative detailing inside, because that’s what homeowners see most of the time. It’s designed to be highly secure, and with nine chambers it’s highly energy efficient, achieving A++ window energy ratings.

“Properties in conservation areas and homes with character are no longer limited to replacing old timber windows with new timber windows,” adds Dan. “R9 gives homeowners the choice to enhance the look and performance of their home with beautiful long-lasting low-maintenance windows and doors.”

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