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TruFrame are proud to announce the launch of a ground-breaking and powerful lead generation tool for their customers – QuoteBuilder.

The purpose of this FREE tool is to create new sales opportunities for TruFrame customers by providing homeowners with a quick, enjoyable way to obtain accurate prices and realistic visual representations, in a way that conforms to expectations set by the automotive and furniture industries.

Mr and Mrs Jones can use QuoteBuilder to design their perfect windows or doors via mobile, tablet, PC or Mac and receive an instant quotation. Essentially, QuoteBuilder is a FREE virtual salesman for TruFrame’s customers that is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

QuoteBuilder uses painstakingly detailed 3D modelling to produce Computer Generated Imagery that accurately represents every type of product TruFrame manufacture.

QuoteBuilder has been designed to have an eCommerce look and feel, which  homeowners should find familiar. They can choose to design either a single window/door or configure their whole house. The room type is selected through a drop-down menu, followed by selection of the product type i.e. casement, flush sash, etc.

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QuoteBuilder then lets you specify a choice of finishes,  handles and Energy Ratings, with ease and speed of navigation a priority throughout. Finally, the homeownner saves the configuration by e-mail or can get a price from a local Double Glazing Network (DGN) member.

QuoteBuilder utilises company specific links, so integrating into a customer’s website or social media page is incredibly easy. Additionally, it can be accessed from the TruFrame website ( or via the recently relaunched DGN website (, providing a minimum of three different capture points for consumers.

The DGN is a consumer-facing brand developed by TruFrame that provides homeowners with useful information whilst also allowing them to find local installers and suppliers of windows and doors. Membership to the DGN is also FREE to TruFrame customers.

With a consultative sales approach and transparent pricing, consumers will be far better equipped to make a decision, allowing DGN members to receive more leads and close more sales.

Patrick Firmager, Projects Director of TruFrame commented: ‘QuoteBuilder is a genuine game-changer that marks a new direction for TruFrame. We believe that QuoteBuilder has the ability to fundamentally change the general perception of double-glazing by providing complete transparency when it comes to pricing. This is just the beginning; we have many more developments to come in the near future…’

For further information on QuoteBuilder or the Double Glazing Network please contact TruFrame, via e-mail at or call the office directly on 01664 410 140.

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