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Ben’s Column: Life in the Middle of the Supply Chain…

Colour & Finish Choices. Apologies to everyone for taking so long to get this next instalment out to you guys, literally haven’t had a moment spare to get anything written for a couple of weeks now with work being so busy, but don’t worry I’m back now! This will be a much shorter one this [...]

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Ben’s Column: Paint Finishes And Guarantees

This week is Paint Finishes and Guarantees. Firstly, what I want to go through are the different paint finishing methods available from your fabricator. Aluminium can be supplied in a Wet Sprayed Paint (otherwise known as Stove Enamelling) finish or in the preferred method of Polyester Powder Coating (PPC). On the whole, both methods give [...]

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Ben’s Column: Energy Ratings And Glazing

Life in the Middle of the Supply Chain… Firstly, can I just say a big thank you to all of you who read my post last week. The viewing numbers were really good, much better than I had expected to be honest, and even better than that was the number of you who took the [...]

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Ben’s Column

Introducing one of our more well known member of our ever expanding Twitter community, Ben Warren from Legacy Windows. Continuing my expanding series of regular guest columnists on this site, Ben will be writing using his experience from being in the middle of the supply chain. The reaction to my first guest columnist, Sam, has [...]

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