I said in July that I would keep all that are interested up to date in how our new company website is coming along. In the last month, I’ve done absolutely…nothing! In the past 4-6 weeks I’ve not been able to snatch half an hour just to look over what I’ve done I’ve been that busy. Which is a good thing so I shouldn’t been complaining right?!

I’ve had to give up the late nights, staying up till 1-1:30am wasn’t doing my body or my selling any good at all so have stuck to trying to sneak the odd hour here and there to try and make progress, but a period heightened customer activity has prevented me from doing that, which is always nice.

Something else which was nice to hear about a couple of weeks ago was the Government’s new initiative to penalise (motivate) people in to buying double glazing if their home doesn’t already have it, with the incentive to lowering their council tax band. Those who don’t make the effort to make their home more energy efficient will face a higher council tax band. This will work swimmingly for the double glazing industry provided that the Government allows all double glazing companies, big and small a cut of the action, and doesn’t just single out the largest installers who can do it for the cheapest amount, spread the wealth Mr Brown, it will be greatly appreciated.

For those wanting to know exactly how large the toll has been on our industry, visit:http://www.double-glazing-forum.com/bankrupt-double-glazing-companies.aspx?M=7&Y=2009. The total number of companies that have gone bankrupt from April to July this year stands at 991. Those are just the ones they know about. Their records do go back further so if your really interested (or sad and boring) you can see how many other companies have gone to the knife from the beginning of this year.