How DGB Performed In 2015

Now 2015 is out of the way and that particular year is complete, I can now carry out my annual picking apart of the important stats on this website to see how it performed during this year, and how is fared with the 12 months previous. To kick things off, here's a nice simple infographic [...]

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Keeping Up To Date

The modern working environment now has many things in which we need to keep updated. Showrooms for example. They have to be kept looking fresh and clean, with all the latest offerings your company might have to offer. This takes time, and money, but it has to be done. A showroom is your best chance [...]

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Something Good, For Free

There's not much in our industry we get for free. It seems we have to pay for everything we want to be members of! There is a reason for that of course, but non of us really like to spend money on things like that. Which is why online resource is something we all need to [...]

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Websites Are Your Key Selling Tool

Whilst embarking on the National Fenestration Awards and revamping our own company website, I have learned a great deal about websites, how they work, how to run them and how to use them the most efficiently. I have also done my fair share of searching and browsing online of other double glazing related websites. I [...]

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There’s Been Some Changes!

As many of you might have seen over the last couple of days, there have been some changes to the site. I'm using this post to explain them and hopefully you'll find the changes better for the site! Firstly, I've abbreviated my title. 'Double Glazing Blogger' is now an established name, so established that everyone [...]

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Assorted Thoughts And Observations

You get one of these posts once in a while. You have a number of things to say, but they're not really big enough to expand into a quality post but you feel like you have to get them off your chest. So here we go... Oil Oil prices over the last couple of months [...]

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More Ads, Less Print

We use the internet for everything these days. Whether you are a person or a company, most of everything we do now involves either partly using, or completely using the web for the task at hand. Banking, shopping, school research, advertising and everything in between. And that last point is important. As more and more [...]

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3 Years Old!

This weekend this blog turned 3 years old! When I started this site back on the 10th of March 2009 I never really thought it would ever get to the 3 year mark. I never really considered how long the blog would last for when I first started it. So to see it become 3 [...]

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Every 50 Subscriptions

As some of you will be aware, I regularly plug on Twitter my subscribership. I have stated that on reaching 50 subscribers I will pick a person/company at random and do a write up about the company they work for. This will happen at 100 subscribers, 150, 200 and so on. This is partly to [...]

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New Home For Double Glazing Blogger!

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is my newly revamped home for my blog! I hope you all will like it and find it better than my old one! It's been completely revamped. New layout. New look. New colour scheme. The site will be updated with more and more content, which will hopefully keep you here [...]

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>Improvements For 2012

>Sometimes the best way to improve things is to ask those that use your service/product what they would like to see changed. So, for 2012, I would like your feedback on what you would like to see changed and improved on this site for 2012.It can be absolutely anything; appearance, content, layout upgrades, themes, less/more [...]

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>Top 7 For 700th!

>Well, I've hopped along to my 700th post with this one! When I first started I never even considered the amount of posts going into the many hundreds. But the site has done steadily well over the near three years that this has been running - so for that I thank you!I thought this might [...]

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>As the title of this post suggests, this is to promote the new #project200 campaign for @SophiiMaria's blog; the resounding success of #project100 yesterday, which I only started after lunch time, it's time to step this up a gear and aim for the 200 page view mark. Ideally, it would be nice to reach [...]

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