The following is taken from http://ggpmag.com/newsitem.asp?newsID=486:

David Ruzicka, joint managing director of trade fabricator Sash UK, has left the company after 25 years’ service.

Reportedly a ‘split by mutual consent’, an announcement issued by the company stated that his departure ‘will enable David to pursue other ventures within the industry and use his unquestionable expertise in pastures new’. Stephen Morrell has now assumed the role of managing director.

David Ruzicka joined Sash UK as a sales rep in 1986 and seven years later, he was invited to join the board, working in tandem with Stephen Morrell, to put Sash UK at the forefront of the industry.

He was known for being passionate and relentless and the frequent comment was that if he was cut in half, he would read ‘Sash UK’ through the middle.

“As ever, all good things must come to an end sooner or later,” said David. “I’m just fortunate that the end has come later for me – after almost 25 years – and I feel privileged to have enjoyed such a long and distinguished career at Sash UK.

“After such a long time, there are so many people who I would like to thank and so many who I feel honoured to have met and worked with. For all of its flaws, our industry is incredibly rewarding in so many ways and although this is the end of my time with Sash, it is also the beginning of another exciting journey for me.”

For his part, newly appointed managing director, Stephen Morrell, said: “On behalf of everyone at Sash UK, I would like to thank David for his long service and wish him all the very best for the future. I am positive that this isn’t the last the industry has seen of David.”

‘Mutual consent’ indicates a difference of opinion or interest, so could there have been tension there?

It will be interesting to see where David goes on the next step of his journey!