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The Fenestration Industry’s Prospects For 2020

At the end of last year I ran a poll in an article asking how you thought 2020 was going to be for UK fenestration. There were a number of polls alongside it, but I wanted to get a more focused response so I'm publishing it again here. Positive sounds Despite the rough start [...]

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Huge Changes Are Coming To Building Regulations, And The Industry Has To Wake Up

We have known for some time that changes to Part L and F of Building Regulations are coming. Now we have some clarity on what the proposals are, and the ramifications for the new-build market and eventually retro-fit market are enormous. The effects are incredibly serious and the fenestration industry must put forward it's [...]

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Is The Major Fenestration Sector Volatility A Sign Of Things To Come?

As you may or may not have noticed, the end of 2019 and the start of 2020 hasn't exactly been rosy for the UK fenestration industry. The last few weeks of last year and the start of this one has seen a number of well known names fall into administration/liquidation. The market has been [...]

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Is Smart Window And Door Tech Genuinely Breaking Through?

Smart tech is almost fully embedded in much of our daily lives now. You can ask Alexa to turn the radio on, switch the lights off and unlock the door. Your fridge can play TV shows and tell you what meals to have. Cars are becoming self-driving. What a world. Our industry is playing [...]

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Adrian Redshaw Joins Garnalex As Sheerline Design Director

This is a circulated press released by Garnalex Adrian Redshaw is the latest industry technical expert to join Garnalex, and will be focused on the launch of the innovative Sheerline aluminium window and door system. Adrian or ‘Reg’ as he’s better known, takes up the full-time role of Sheerline Design Director this January, and [...]

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Totali Timber Solutions Limited To Be Placed In Liquidation

The industry churn continues as it has been announed Totali Timber Solutions Limited is to be liquidated. This is the latest in a string of high profile fenestration casualties which ended 2019 and saw in the new year. 2019 hangover This was the statement put out on The Gazette yesterday: Credit: The Gazette [...]

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Matthew Glover Returns To West Yorkshire Windows As Managing Director

In another big breaking news story coming out of the world of fenestration, Matthew Glover, founder of the FIT Show and Veganuary is to return to his roots as Managing Director at West Yorkshire Windows. He made the statement on Linkedin this afternoon. "Financial stability" This is the statement he published on Linkedin: I've [...]

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Premier Trade Frames Ltd And Cambrian Windows Ltd Are To Be Wound Up

There have been a high number of fenestration companies that have been placed in insolvency measures in the past few weeks. It had certainly been a very difficult end to the previous year and start to 2020. Of those that have gone, two that stick out for me are Cambrian Windows Ltd and Premier [...]

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According To Posts On Linkedin, Facade & Glazing Solutions Ltd Are No More

The industry appears to have had a pretty rough end to 2019 and a pretty sour start to 2020. Its a theme I'll explore in a later post, as over the past few weeks there have been a number of fairly significant companies facing administration. However, perhaps one of the high profile casualities appears [...]

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Safestyle UK Share Price Has Risen Over 44% In The Past Month

One of the industry's biggest turn-around stories continues as the share price of Safestyle UK has risen a remarkable 44% over the past month. From a company that looked close to being on the brink, this is a company which has shown the other national installers how to turn a major fenestration installer around. [...]

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My Top 5 Fenestration Products Of The Decade

Our industry has gone through immense change over the past ten years. Its an industry that looks very different now than it did in 2010. We were coming out of the other side of the biggest global crash since the Great Depression. The banking system around the world nearly collapsed. Recession was deep and [...]

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Sweet Hardware To Launch Rose Gold Range In 2020, And It Looks Stunning!

Just before the year was out Brisant Secure dropped a brand new product announcement. It was to expand its popular Sweet hardware range with a Rose Gold option. It looks stunning! A first As far as I'm aware, this is the first range of external door hardware in Rose Gold. I had a quick [...]

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Further Senior Appointments To The Sheerline® Team

This is a press release by Garnalex Garnalex, the company that aims to disrupt the aluminium window and door market with its innovative Sheerline® system, has made three more key appointments. Dave Watts joins as Technical Product Director, Dave Wigley as Head of Marketing and Eilidh Hudson as Sales and Marketing Manager, with a [...]

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FIT Show 2020: The Industry’s Best Chance To Push Progress

2019 has been a rather busy year has it not? Brexit. Skills crisis. Politics in general. Stagnating economy. And that’s before we get to the issues within UK fenestration. As we approach the end of the year, we often look back at some of the biggest stories to come out of the industry. One [...]

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