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Tackling Skills Shortages In The Construction Industry

Guest post from Van Ninja: Recent statistics show that three-quarters of UK businesses are impacted by skills shortages. The effects of this have been decimating for the UK economy, costing businesses a reported £6.3 billion per year in temporary staff and training. Construction is one of the most heavily impacted sectors with a hefty [...]

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Builders’ Merchants Monthly Omnibus Survey: What Has Changed Since Grenfell?

New questions in December’s Builders’ Merchants Monthly Omnibus Survey reveal how builders’ merchants and their trade customers have changed the products they buy, and the advice they give or seek since the Grenfell fire. MRA Research’s new Builders’ Merchants Monthly Omnibus Survey offers companies marketing to builders’ merchants and their customers a cost-effective, fast-turnaround [...]

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Safestyle UK Announce Year-End Trading Update

Earnings season in the fenestration sector continues, with some of the largest publicly traded companies in the industry continuing to report on 2022 performance. Today it is the turn of Safestyle UK. Although they report a solid year, there are hints in the statement below that there are more challenging times ahead for the [...]

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Eurocell Reports 12% Jump In 2022 Trading Update

As earnings season begins, Eurocell has reported a 12% jump in sales for 2022 compared to 2021. This is the statement in full that they provided to the markets: Eurocell plc, the market-leading, vertically integrated UK manufacturer, recycler and distributor of innovative window, door and roofline PVC products, provides the following update the for [...]

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PVCu As Part Of The Sustainability Conversation

Martin Benn, Head of New Build at Eurocell, outlines how recycled waste used to produce new high-performing, thermally efficient and aesthetically pleasing PVC-U window and door product solutions can support housebuilders as they strive to satisfy new and important environmental responsibilities. Changes to Part L of the Building Regulations came into effect in 2022. [...]

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Eurocell Q&A: Kelly Hibbert, Head of Commercial Sales (Profiles)

Kelly Hibbert is Head of Commercial Sales (Profiles) at Eurocell, in this Q&A she discusses how Eurocell will be supporting the growth of their fabricator network and be the first-choice brand for specifiers across the commercial sector. What role did you previously hold and what attracted you to this role at Eurocell? I was [...]

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I Used ChatGPT To Ask About Fenestration And This Is What It Said

You may have heard of something called ChatGPT over the last few weeks. ChatGPT is an AI text platform that is both fascinating people and terrifying copywriters in equal measure. It is a product of OpenAI, a tech company which has attracted interest from all parts of the tech sector and beyond. People have [...]

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The Time For Complaining Has Passed

Seven months after the implementation of the updated Building Regulations, which have seen lower minimum U-Values and mandatory trickle vents to all windows, I am still seeing plenty of complaints and anger towards the new rules. Whilst I can understand people’s frustration with the new regulations, I’m afraid I have to be blunt and [...]

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Personal Column: Work Anxiety? I Get it

At the start of the New Year, I noticed more than a few people hint in social media posts that they were less than keen on getting back to work. Whilst some are chomping at the bit to get back into their routines and back to work, some are not. One account was speaking [...]

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All Eyes On 2025

We’re still feeling the effects of the newly updated Building Regulations that came into force in June 2022. The main point of contention remains the implementation of trickle vents in replacement windows. However, we cannot remain fixated on the changes that have just happened. 2025 is going to see the implementation of the Future [...]

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Window Energy Ratings Need To Be Updated

I think the sector can think of itself in a new era. There will be the pre-June 2022 era, before mandatory trickle vents, and the post-June 2022 era which we are in now, where almost all installations of new windows include trickle vents. Seven months after the latest Building Regulations were implemented, our industry [...]

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Open Letter: Guy Hubble, Joint Managing Director At RegaLead Ltd

Dear Jason, I read your recent article regarding global freight prices with interest last week, and whilst I would not normally respond to an opinion piece of this kind, I do believe that this deserves a warranted answer from the perspective of a components manufacturer at the top end of the supply chain. As [...]

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Personal Column: The Importance Of Time Off

I was lucky enough to spend most of December not at work. I went on holiday on December 1st to the Dominican Republic with my family and in-laws for two weeks. That was our first major holiday since January 2020. We did have a week away in Greece in August for my brother’s wedding [...]

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Safestyle UK Appoints New CEO

In a statement published just before Christmas, Safestyle UK announced that they had appointed a new CEO with immediate effect. This is the statement in full published on their PLC website: Safestyle UK plc (AIM: SFE), the leading UK focused retailer and manufacturer of PVCu replacement windows and doors for the homeowner market, announces that its Chief Executive [...]

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Saint-Gobain Divests Its Distribution Business In The UK

Saint-Gobain has announced that they have signed a binding agreement which will see them sell builders merchants Jewson to the Stark Group. This is a statement published by Saint-Gobain in mid-December: Following a competitive sale process, Saint-Gobain has signed a binding agreement for the sale of all its merchanting brands in the United Kingdom [...]

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Eurocell CEO Set To Retire

In what has been a very busy start to the year in terms of people moving positions within the fenestration sector, Eurocell has announced that current CEO, Mark Kelly, is set to leave his role in the Spring of this year. This is the official announcement from Eurocell via their PLC website: CEO Announces [...]

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