I think we were all appalled to see on Friday the pictures coming out of Japan of the devastation caused by the massive 8.9 earthquake and the ensuing tsunami caused by the quake. 

My initial thought after turning on the TV was, ‘oh no, not again’. After seeing the devastation caused by the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, the last thing the world needed was something on a similar scale. Unfortunately, Japan seems to have taken a terrible hit, and the loss of life seems likes it’s going to reach the tens of thousands.

Towns have been washed away, completely removed from the map. But the people in Japan should know that everyone is wishing them well, ready to donate whatever they can to help aid their relief effort and that the world’s prayers are with them.

Below is some of the most striking images and videos, highlighting the scale and trauma of the problems in northern Japan now:

When people complain about draughty doors, small scratches on glass and window’s slightly catching, events like this put thing’s back into perspective.

Below I’ve listed some of the websites that are taking donations: