I’ve recently had the pleasure of dealing with a very nice family who have been organising for their mother/grandmother to have her very tired old porch replaced.

The customers were quite elderly, hence the reason for the involvement of their family. And I can honestly say it was a pleasure to deal with them. We had some great humour between all of us. We even had all 3 generations in the showroom, the eldest managing to get my Dad into a conversation about her childhood in the 1940’s!

They gladly gave me the time to let me talk to them about us and our products (unlike on more recent leads!) and the atmosphere was very friendly.

As you get to talk to these people you sort of get to know them a bit more personally, and it’s nice to know that there are still some genuinely nice people out there to do business with. Needless to say they did go ahead with me, this evening.

I’ll post a before and after picture when the installation is complete. We’re taking down and old porch with felt roof and installing light oak on white frames with 35mm polycarbonate roof onto existing brickwork.