For the first time in a while, we could have quite a positive budget to listen to tomorrow.

It was reported by the BBC yesterday that the Government finances were set to have a windfall of over £8 billion pounds, owing to lower than expected public borrowing and higher tax revenues. Question is how much of that spare cash is going to go towards funding the Libya conflict and how much is going to go towards paying off the nations credit card.

George Osbourne could also announce that he is going to a freeze on April’s 1p fuel duty rise (which is actually more than 1p when you take into account VAT and other costs, it actually makes it a 4/5p increase). Even better, he might tell us about the fuel price stabiliser scheme and that the Government is going to implement it soon!

The Chancellor has also said that his budget tomorrow is going to be focussed wholly on growth, putting much of that emphasis on the private sector.

The Ernst & Young Item club have forecast that the Government, at this current rate, will meet it’s deficit reduction targets by the end of the Parliament.