UK Economy Grows 4.8% In Q2

In positive news for the UK economy on Thursday, it was announced by the ONS that UK GDP grew 4.8% in Q2 this year. This was under forecasts of 5%, but still represents a strong quarter as further lockdown restrictions eased. UK economy continues to bounce back Q2 was always going to be a [...]

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The 2020 Spending Review – What You Need To Know

On Wednesday the Chancellor Rishi Sunak gave his Spending Review for 2020. It was due to be a three-year forecast for public spending and finances, but due to the scale of the economic damage and uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the review only set out the road ahead for one year. It was also [...]

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Guest Post: Jon Vanstone’s Letter To Alok Sharma Re: Green Homes Grant Scheme

This is a guest post from Certass TA: Dear Mr Sharma, Including Glazing installations as Primary Measure for Green Homes Grant Scheme I am writing to you as Chair of Certass Trade Association, the leading representative body of thousands of local glazing installers throughout the UK. The recent announcement on 8th July has, unfortunately, [...]

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Report: UK GDP Down 15% In Q2

We're still really only at the start of this crisis. It began in late January, we're now at the end of March. Although March does feel as though it has been 1000 days long! Each day we're all hyper-sensitive to the daily updates on cases and deaths in the UK and around Europe. There [...]

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UK To Get 6 Chinese Built Prefabrication Home Building Factories

There is a widely used saying in this country: if you want a job doing, doing it yourself. Often used when you rely on someone or something else to get a job you want or need done. When it comes to housing, we have relied on the Government for many years to give the [...]

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2016 Autumn Statement Review: Infrastructure And Productivity In Focus

Today was UK Chancellor Philip Hammonds's first Autumn Statement, and it was also his last. But more on that later. This was the first major economic announcement since the UK voted to leave the European Union, which made this usually mediocre yearly affair little more tasty than usual. Much of it was leaked to [...]

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Chancellor Plans To Reduce VAT From 20% To 17.5%

I've been away from the news for the last 24 hours or so, but even this was a surprise to me. Chancellor Philip Hammond is set to reduce VAT from 20% to 17.5%. Not this Autumn Statement though. It's most likely to happen in the Spring 2017 Budget. According to reports, he is going [...]

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Labour Wants A £10+ Minimum Wage – Agree Or Disagree?

Its conference season at the moment, and as of writing, it's the Conservatives that are holding theirs. But it was the Labour conference last week that saw a policy grab the attention of the media and some of us too. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell in his speech stated that under a Labour Government they would [...]

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UK Industry Now In It’s Third Recession In Eight Years

Whilst the UK continues to prepare for the EU referendum on June 23rd, in the background our economy appears to be creeping closer and closer to negativity and possible recession. Yes, that "R" word again. It never seems to be that far away. But for industry in this country, the latest figures released show that [...]

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Construction Output Down 0.9% In Q1 – Should We Be Worried?

On Wednesday the UK's economic figures for the first quarter were announced, and they did not make for exciting reading. Perhaps more immediately concerning for the window and door industry are the construction figures that came with them. UK GDP growth down to just 0.4% The ONS announced on Wednesday morning that GDP growth in [...]

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Tata And UK Steel: An Industry In Crisis

The word "crisis" is used all too often in the media. Whenever there is a spot of trouble, out they come with the "crisis" headline. However, this is perhaps the only word applicable when describing the perilous situation UK steel finds itself in right now. You will have had to have been hiding under a [...]

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Today Is #Budget2016 – What Could Be In Store?

Today is George Osbourne's annual day in the spotlight. It's Budget day. And with the UK and global economic outlook getting gloomier by the month, it's going to a tough one. His tool box of tricks is running low. What we already know This has been written before the Chancellor's statement, so if you're reading [...]

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The Economy Grew Last Quarter, But It Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story

Figures released on Thursday showed that the UK economy grew by a steady 0.5% in the last quarter of 2015. This is the first estimation, and there are two more opportunities for that to be revised over the coming weeks, though they rarely are. One the face of it it seems like good news. There [...]

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Spending Review: Big Business To Pay 3% Levy To Fund 3m New Apprenticeships

You couldn't escape it on the news or social media on Wednesday, it was the 2015 Spending Review. This was George Osbourne's opportunity to tell Parliament and the UK how he plans to spend the UK's money over the next five years. Some of the information was leaked beforehand, as per normal budgetary behaviour, but [...]

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The Spending Review And Autumn Statement

It happens once every five years. Not as exciting as a World Cup or the Olympics, but arguably more important. Today George Osbourne will announce his spending review, along side the annual Autumn Statement. Including the Budget earlier on this year, that will be three UK Government financial statements in one year. Do we really [...]

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Could The National Living Wage Be Harmful To Window And Door Companies?

Most of us should all now have heard of the Government's new National Living Wage. This is not to be confused with the voluntary Living Wage which is promoted by the Living Wage Foundation. It is the latter which increased by 40p on Monday. The National Living Wage is going to be introduced by Government [...]

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