As well as double glazing issues, I think it’s important that I acknowledge some of the more current issues being talked about right now, and I would like to dedicate a post to those who were tragically killed by a demonic gunman in Norway last Friday.

It began with an enormous car bomb which targeted the Prime Minister’s building, as well as the financial ministry. The massive explosion killed seven people, some of which the Prime Minister was said to have known. But this unfortunately turned out to be the distraction. 

The bomber/gunman; Anders Behring Breivik, was able to escape the capital and make a short plane journey over to the small paradise island of Utoya, where hundreds of 14-19 years olds were holding their annual Labour Party camp. Anders then systematically and horrifically killed what is thought to be believed 86 young people.

This is a country where they have such a peaceful and calm society. Think about it, you never hear of anything bad happening in Norway, at least not to my knowledge. And now they are in the spotlight, we will find out more about them. They seem a genuinely nice people, very generous and accepting. They had no security worries. One journalist this morning was explaining that you could walk past the King and Queen of Norway down the street, have a chat, without the presence of body guards or secret police. The same goes with the Prime Minister and local celebrities, that is just the type of society they have there. And to be honest it’s a society which I wouldn’t mind our country adopting!

My thoughts and prayers obviously go out to those who have lost friends and family in the attacks, but also to Norway itself. I hope that after this they are still able to live in a free and accepting society, free from paranoia and worry that something like this could happen again. 

One other point I would like to make is how the Prime Minister responded just after the attacks. He said that they will respond with ‘more democracy’. Simple, but just about the most fitting and correct statement to make when democracy is attacked.