This post was originally going to be about the future of the Green Deal now it’s biggest fan, Greg Barker, has now been booted out of his position. But given the events of today, I feel compelled to put my thoughts down on screen.

The alleged shooting down of a passenger jet in Eastern Ukraine today was an absolutely disgusting act. I cannot imagine the horror and terror of those suffering on that flight, and the suffering of the family and friends of the victims of the flight. Many of those on board were Europeans, making their way to Kuala Lumpur. The immediate impact on a human level is massive. The diplomatic consequences are going to be immense, and potentially very dangerous. It’s hard not to be moved when you see the pictures of the devastation. And all this is for what? Land? Pride? Greed?

Look around at the world we are living in. A world that we’re bringing new life into. We have conflict in Eastern Europe that threatens to spiral very quickly out of control between massive world powers. Israel are bombarding Gaza, killing countless women and children, in retaliation for kidnappings and attacks from militants. Israel has now invaded the Gaza strip. Syria is lying in ruins after an extremely violent civil war after a popular uprising. Massive car bombs in Afghanistan killing hundreds in a week. ISIS threatening to break apart Iraq and Syria with the aim to create an extremely violent and evil Caliphate religious state. Terrorists in Nigeria blowing up markets and kidnapping hundreds of school girls. Not to mention states like Libya, Yemen and Egypt aren’t looking all that promising either.

All this. All this in the name of god. For the pursuit of lands and wealth. Humanity’s fixation with religion and material wealth is what is driving so many of these wars. It always has done, and unfortunately it will probably continue to do so. I can’t see the wealthiest and most fanatical coming to their senses any time soon to put an end to all of this.

I hate to be so negative on here. I try to keep DGB as industry focused as possible. But after seeing such widespread death and conflict over the last few years, this has been a post I felt I needed to get down on screen.

I fear for this world. It sounds extreme, but on some days I think the world is tearing apart in places. Especially the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Is a free world with free speech such a hard thing to ask for? I want to have kids before long. What kind of world will I be bringing them into? A world where war and conflict is the norm? Where religious extremism is allowed to fester and prosper in many parts of the world? It’s not a nice thought.

And at the end of it all, who pays the most? It’s always the innocent civilians caught up in the crossfire, usually paying with their lives. We think we have problems? Perhaps we should spend a week in the Gaza strip, or fighting in Donetsk. We should remember all those who have died trying to fight for freedom, or have lost their lives simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was never their fault.

If you have read all the way through, thanks for taking the time to read such a personal post. Sorry it has been a less than positive one. Back to industry matters in the next one, I promise.